How to Get the Most Out of Your Small Business Facebook Page

Are you fully optimizing your business page on Facebook? Take a look at these strategies to increase your fans and ultimately get more visitors to your online business.

Any small business owner with a goal of online marketing should have a Facebook page. But the old adage, “if you build it, they will come” does not apply. Simply creating a small business presence on Facebook is not enough.

Just like any marketing campaign, there are certain strategies you should employ specifically for Facebook. Your Facebook marketing strategies may not match what you do on other social media, but that is because of the unique and powerful business features Facebook gives you.

So what should you do with your small business Facebook page? Here are a few tips and strategies proven to work.

Develop Your Goals

As with any marketing campaign, you need a strategy specific to Facebook. And a strategy always starts with the goals you have in mind. What is it you want out of Facebook? 1,000 fans? 1 more fan that your competition? A way to communicate with customers? A way to drive traffic to your website and make more online sales?

Get your goals lined up first. Then you’ll be able to develop a strategy that allows you to remain focused on obtaining those goals.

Convert Visitors into Fans

As an admin for your small business Facebook page, you can assign a landing page for “non-fans” when they first visit. This landing page should have a design that is welcoming, engaging, and has overt and a not-so-subtle message that the visitor should “Like” the page. Encourage visitors to press that “Like” button at the top of the page, which converts them into fans and gives them a subscription to your Facebook site and all updates you make.

You could even offer a coupon for a product or service you provide for “Liking” your page. This gives incentive and could also recruit new customers not familiar with your offerings.

Upload Product Photos

Facebook is great for sharing photos. Create different albums for your product classes. And if you do upload photographs, be sure they are professional-looking. Hiring a professional photographer is the best way to get that quality, but if you are on a budget, use proper lighting, focus, and framing. Dark photos or images of your product set on a counter or floor look amateur and will not convey the pride you take in your products.

Write Engaging Updates

Don’t just write and post updates that talk to your follower. Instead, form a strategy that talks WITH them. Engaging your audience gets them involved with discussion, encourages them to voice opinions, and ultimately brings your customers closer to you.

For instance, you can post updates about your products, including the features and benefits. But also post links to other products that complement yours, pose questions and ask your fans what they think about certain products or news, and even post links to other blogs and resources. And always ask for fan feedback in the form of comments and “likes”.

Post a Video

Along with photos, Facebook allows you to upload videos as well. Why not make a demonstration video of your product? For instance, Mark owns a magic shop in Chicago. He used his HD camcorder to make short demonstrations of magic tricks,revealing how a select few work to help entice his fans to come in and try it on their own. The videos were made in his shop with the help of a friend who had a photography lighting setup. With his videos posted to Facebook, his fans went from 354 to over 1,000 in just a few months!

Monitor and Tweak

The results of any strategy cannot be realized without taking a look at the results of the tactics employed. Facebook does provide a simple Insights Tool with a range of metrics for your analysis, and this may be all you need. Take a look at the numbers and statistics provided by Facebook. Monitor how much attention certain posts get by the number of “Likes” and comments. You can get a good idea of which tactics work and what doesn’t, and make adjustments as necessary to focus on those tactics which produce results.

Whether your small business has a presence on Facebook or any other social media, take the time to make precision strategies that work for that media. We encourage you to try these recommendations for Facebook, and we are confident you will see positive results.

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