Home Based Business Facts: Stories and Myths Dispelled

Working from home can be even tougher than working from an actual office. This is partly because many people have fixed opinions about the quality of home-based businesses, putting them yours at a disadvantage from the get-go.

Myth: You Are Only Trying To Save Money.

Fact: Although it is true that you can save a lot of money by operating your business from home, you are in fact lowering your overhead – and this benefit is ultimately going to be passed on to your clients.

You are also going to save a lot of time which would have been spent in commuting, and this time will now be spent in attending to your clients’ inquiries and orders.

So, in fact your customers will get a better deal by you are operating your business out of your home.

Myth: You Are Not Serious About Your Business.

Fact: It is immaterial as to where your business is run from, as long as you deliver on your promises.

So if you are prompt and professional in your business dealings, then this myth should die a quick and well-deserved death.

Myth: The Kids Will Constantly Interrupt Your Work.

Fact: If you are operating the business from a room of your home with a separate entrance, then there a few chances of anyone knowing that you have kids, let alone being disturbed by them.

However, if you have children, you should hire an efficient babysitter so that your kids are occupied. Install CCTV in your home to keep an eye on the babysitter and your kids so that they behave themselves.

Inform all your friends and relatives that you are not to be disturbed during business hours. You should also keep separate telephone numbers for your home and your business.

Myth: Since Overhead Is Low, Profits Must Be Very High.

Fact: Even though your overhead will be lower, the effort required to set up a home business is far more extensive than setting up a regular brick and mortar one.

This being the case, the time it takes to earn decent profits will also be increased. You will also still require the usual office equipment such as a desk, computer, telephone, etc. to set up your home business.

Myth: You Do Not Have A Personal Life.

Fact: Many clients will assume that you can be contacted 24/7 since you are operating from home. This means that you will need to inform them that you do have a personal life.

Inform customers in advance as to your office hours; and do not encourage clients to call you during odd hours, or else you really won’t have a life outside of work.

If you cannot manage that, then keep your office phone locked in your home office. That way, even if it rings on the weekend, you will be less tempted to answer it.

Myth: There Are No Marketing Or Advertising Expenses.

Fact: You will in fact require more money to market and promote your home business. This is because businesses that are located in the public domain are highly visible – but home business owners need to promote themselves on a more consistent basis to come into the public eye.

You’ll have to work extra-hard to ensure that your home business turns into a successful one, and that these common myths are dispelled. Only then will people take your home business seriously.

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