How a Business Blog Turns Words Into Money

We’ve talked about how social media sites can help gain exposure for your business, but one element of social media is your own company’s blog. At your blog, you invite readers (customers) to join you in sharing topics and commenting about posts.

In addition to involving your customers, what can a blog do for your business?

  • Better SEO – Search engines like websites that update with fresh content regularly. Writing short blog posts that are no more than 500 words three times a week that contain choice keywords can have a big impact on your page rank for major search engines like Google.
  • Increase website traffic – Certainly, you hope to get more traffic to your website through SEO efforts, but a well-written and informative blog tends to attract readership on its own. Post quality content that has benefits for readers, and you will see people flock to your site.
  • Improve your brand – Your regular blog posts help with your online exposure. That translates into a more recognizable and reputable brand for your company.

If you haven’t started a blog for your small business, or have tried with little success, here are a few tips that can help make a blog successful.

  • Post regularly – A well-read blog is one that has regular updates. An inconsistent blog will lose readership and lose interest. Publish a blog post at least every other day.
  • Be passionate – Your blog posts should show your passion about your business. Whether you sell products or services, keeping passion in your blog posts will easily transfer to your readers.
  • Invite comments – Keep a channel of communication open with your readers. Invite them to comment on your posts and comment back. Engage discussion, answer questions, but don’t be controversial.
  • Share yourself – Don’t just write about your products. Customers like to feel that they know the people in a business from which they buy. Include posts that are highlights, interviews and spotlights on the people who work for your small business, including you.
  • Be objective – Be careful about what opinions you share on your blog. Try to maintain a sense of decorum and diplomacy. Be professional, yet personal to stay in touch with your readers.

Indeed, your blog is an excellent way to tap into new and old customers – and more sales!

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