How Effective Are Point of Purchase Displays in Retail Marketing?

POP displays can help visitors evaluate a brand and develop a new lookout for the product, which can be a plus point for product providers.
point of purchase display

With the occurrence of many diverse and ROI-backed advertisement opportunities with the use of the internet, product marketers forget to administer some of the best traditional style marketing techniques. Traditional marketing used to work for many businesses and still can do with the right means and implementation. Such a technique can be a point of purchase display. If you didn’t know, they are displays set nearby products by providers or retail owners to bring attention and aspire consumers to make the specific pick.

But the question is, are these point of purchase (POP) displays genuinely effective? Do they receive attention from the consumers? If so, how operative are they? Let’s find out below:

Enhance Customer Retention

Often retail visits are hurried and are meant to take less time of the buyer. Consumers tend to pick any item that they have been buying for the last couple of years from different aisles, checkout and leave.

However, when there are POPs in various corridors and cash counters, customers can be influenced to stay in a retail store longer. This is an excellent strategy for the retailer to sell more products while having the consumers visualize more products and find out their worth. Also, well-established POP displays can help visitors evaluate a brand to be a better choice for them and develop a new lookout for the product, which can be a plus point for product providers.

Attention Grabbers

Worried about your product not standing out from the crowd in a retail aisle? Get a POP! If crafted right, a point of purchase display can turn eyes and attract the attention of a dedicated buyer of a different brand to choose yours immediately. For your presentation to be popping and attractive, merely placing in a colorful cardboard box with products on display won’t cut it. You need to make sure that the exhibition is robust and of supreme quality.

Even if it is a temporary setting, it should reflect durability and reliability in order to make an impact of the product on the consumer. Bonus tip: Permanent POP displays do much better at increasing sales as they appear to be constant.

Reduce Sales Personnel

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t a fan of the retail shop sales staff eyeing every – mostly personal – purchase that we make. Yes, their assistance in pointing to a specific aisle can be quite helpful but maybe not needed for buying household utilities. So, having the same perspective about your consumer you as a store owner could put in more POP displays to allow comfortable shopping experiences.

However, you need to be sure that the displays are accurate and encouraging in displaying a product as a concise individual. Doing this will allow consumers to know about the product deeply without the help of space-hogging sales staff and enjoy shopping.

Increases Impulse Buying

POP displays can be added to cash counters or other almost-end-of-a-shopping-spree counters to draw the attention of consumers. These counters have a high place for consumers as they have the perception that only the most essential things are displayed on them. Also, at these places, buyers are most probably hurrying to get the groceries scanned and taken to the car, so they tend to buy these lastly located items in a rush. Hence, the consumers purchase items on these rows impulsively without giving much thought.

So, if your product is displayed on one of these rows and the design is striking, it could accumulate loads of impulse buying and scale sales.

Personalized Shopping for Consumers

All a consumer needs form a retail store is a touch of human and products that change their life for the better. Well, there may be other needs as well, but this is a primary one that POP displays can provide. The most basic way to do this can be stating a real need or a problem on display and providing a solution – your product. And for more enhanced experiences you can introduce free stuff or coupons with the products, present samples at the exhibition, add an add-displaying screen or a digital survey and more to personalize buying.

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