How Free Google Apps Can Help Your Small Business

Many new business owners become overwhelmed with all the computer software packages and options that are necessary just to perform everyday tasks. Accounting, word processing, scheduling, and a host of other administrative duties all need to be completed through software programs.

However, buying dozens of different software packages becomes expensive, and learning how to use them is time-consuming. Is there a way that a new business owner can utilize software packages without all the hassle?

The answer is yes, if you look to Google for help on their Google Apps Marketplace. Here you can find almost every business software application you need, and all are easily run via your browser through an internet connection. And the good news is that most of them are free!

Here is a short glance at what you can find:

  • Accounting – Take advantage of free accounting and finance applications, including full accounting cycle, asset management, customer billing, and payroll.

  • Customer Management – Free applications are available to help you keep your customer and client contacts organized.

  • Productivity – Through Google Apps Management, you can find a host of applications to help with your productivity. Create and organize folders. Schedule and share appointments and calendar. Use conferencing software to meet clients via the web. A variety of project management apps is available to help you create, share, assign, and manage your projects with ease and confidence.

  • Sales – Need to create a slideshow sales presentation? No problem. How about a newsletter or subscriber management program? Got it. Or even a program that can help you design, deliver, and analyze a survey? They are all at Google Apps Management.

  • Administrative – In addition to all the great business software apps you can find at Google App Marketplace, you also have choices of apps to make administrative tasks even easier, such as document management and sharing, file backup, calendars and reminders, and even web security.

Now there is no reason to complain about the high cost of software applications for your small business. Browse through Google App Marketplace and see if there apps here that can help you operate more efficiently

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