How Podcasts Can Increase Your Small Business' Visibility and Status

Undoubtedly, a great deal of small business marketing topics is devoted to social media, whether it is improving your fan status on Facebook, increasing your followers on Twitter, or making the most connections on LinkedIn. However, one online marketing form that is not seeing much use anymore, but is still a highly effective online marketing tool, is the podcast.

A podcast is simply an audio recording that is made available for online users to download and listen at their convenience. They are usually in MP3 format, which is a compressed audio format that maintains good audio quality but reduces the file size.

Once you make your audio podcast recording, you simply upload it to your website or other online distributor and market them to subscribers and other potential customers.

Advantages to Podcasting

How can podcasting help your business? Here are a few ways.

  • Fewer Competitors – While larger numbers of businesses are using social media outlets, fewer are utilizing the podcast. You can become an expert in your industry and dominate your podcast market through quality recordings.
  • Podcasting Possibilities – Podcasting is a creative medium that can be utilized for small business marketing in a variety of ways.
  • Popular Distribution – Podcasting is still popular and can easily be distributed through your website and even the iTunes Apple store for free.

How Can You Use a Podcast?

  • Educate your customers – Use podcast recordings to educate subscribers and listeners on topics pertaining to your industry. An educated and smart consumer is more likely to buy your products.
  • PR – Use podcasts as a PR tool to announce special events, news, and new product offerings.
  • Advertise – A podcast can be a simple advertisement for a product or service through quality description, sales notices, and even real customer testimonials.
  • Link on Social Media – You can easily include a link to your most recent podcast on your social media status updates.

Tips on Making Podcast Episodes

  • Remember to talk about important and interesting topics
  • Keep your podcasts short. No one wants to hear hours of ongoing and droning talking. 30-45 minutes should be maximum.
  • Keep on track. Have an outline to use while recording. Avoid all the “um’s” and “uh’s” one usually uses while doing extemporaneous talking. Edit portions out if necessary.
  • Use quality equipment. You can easily get an affordable and quality USB microphone to make your recordings. Use a quiet space to do your recording, and take advantage of sound editing software to edit out unwanted or irrelevant material.

Podcasting can still be a powerful tool for increasing customers and revenues, especially given the smaller field of competition today.

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