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How to Avoid Accidents in the Workplace as a Builder

It is no secret that construction is a hazardous industry and as many as 1 in 5 workplace fatalities is a construction worker. So, what steps can be taken as a builder to avoid accidents and create a safe work environment? Construction can be a safe occupation if safety becomes a priority and clear action is taken to protect lives and prevent accidents from happening. Here are a few effective ways to do this.

Keep Work Areas Clear

Accidents often occur in construction due to untidy work areas. By nature, you will be creating a lot of mess in construction but you can avoid this becoming hazardous by clearing up after yourself as you go along – this can also make work much easier and reduce clear-up time at the end.

Report Dangers and Accidents

It is always important to report any accidents that occur from a legal standpoint and also so that action can be taken to stop the accident from occurring again. Crucially, you should also report any dangers too as these could prevent an accident from occurring in the first place and help to create a space where people can work with confidence each day. If you do suffer an injury that is not your fault, you could file for accident at work compensation.

Avoid Shortcuts

There are lots of shortcuts and quick fixes in construction, but every good builder knows that it is always better to do the job properly. It might take longer and be more effort, but this ensures that the work is completed to a high standard while also making sure that it is safe not only from a builder’s point of view but also for whoever will be using the space once you are finished.

Wear PPE

It is always important to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) while on the job, even for a seemingly safe task. This will depend on the work that you are doing, but might include a hardhat, goggles, high-visibility clothing, gloves, steel-toed shoes and anything else that you might need to protect yourself during construction.

Maintain Equipment & Tools

Construction can be demanding work and take its toll on the equipment and tools that you use. This is why you always need to maintain and look after all of your equipment and tools, which should involve creating a regular inspection schedule and testing prior to use.

Ask for Help When Needed

Some builders will avoid asking for help as they want to come across as capable and self-reliant, but this is dangerous and could have the reverse effect. Often, construction will require more than one set of hands and in times like this you should always ask for help in order to carry out work safely.

Builders should keep the above tips in mind at all times which should help to prevent accidents while also helping them to carry out their work effectively.

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