How to Choose a Powerful URL for Your Business

Today, the URL you choose for your business website is more important than any other detail. It’s more important than your business phone number or address. In this day where technology and the internet drive commerce, it might even be more important than the name of your business. Choosing a powerful URL for your business can position it for cyber-success, generate revenue, and help you keep customers coming back again and again. Follow these important guidelines when determining your URL.

1. Size Matters

Contrary to popular opinion, size does matter, especially when it comes to choosing a URL for your business. The most effective URLs are short and sweet. Not only is a short URL easy to remember, it also reduces the likelihood of a user making errors when they are typing it. A short and simple URL is also easy for users to share with friends and family from memory.

2. Give a Clue

Your URL should indicate in some way what your business is about, whether you are selling products or offering services online. The casual internet user will be drawn to a URL that indicates just what kind of things you are selling or offering. Remember that the name of your business may or may not suffice to give a clue to potential customers.

3. Make it Memorable

The best URLs are catchy and memorable. They might include words that rhyme or cute phrases that a customer is likely to remember. You can definitely employ elements of humor to make your URL more memorable, even if the name of your business is ordinary.

4. Make it SEO-Friendly

Do some research and see if you can include a popular SEO keyword as part of your URL. This will position it higher in lists that are generated by search engines.

5. Avoid Extra Punctuation

Whenever possible, avoid including additional punctuation – such as hyphens – in your URL. Punctuation is very easy to forget.

Keep all five of these tips in mind as you explore options for a URL. Choosing a URL is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make, so take your time and have fun with it!