How to Ensure Your Small Business' Security

How to Ensure Your Small Business’ Security

Sad but true: many small retail businesses fail not due to external factors, but to internal ones. When it comes to theft, these factors could be your employees or even friends or relatives who you may have recruited to run your small business.

Here are some ways that you can keep your small business safe from dubious internal and external elements.

Install CCTV Cameras

Install a high resolution CCTV system; not only to keep an eye on outsiders such as customers, but also on your own employees. The cameras should be placed at vantage points inside your store and also at your store’s entrance.

You should also have a recording facility in step with the cameras, so that you can review the tapes if a problem arises. This will deter your employees from stealing and will also help you in tracking shoplifters.

If you can't install a large number of cameras, then install some dummy cameras along with genuine ones, which will fool would-be thieves.

Hire Security Guards

If your budget is not much of a problem, or if you are dealing with high value goods, then you can hire security guards.

The guards should be from a security company with a good reputation. You should have all their personal details and work history; and the security company that you hire them from should stay in contact with you at all times.

Tag Your Products

Use electronic security tags for your products, so that they are not able to leave your premises until you have removed them. If you are dealing with industrial products, then restrict access to your product storage areas. Conduct regular inventory exercises to keep track of your products.

Using the above methods to secure your small business will help you to stem and prevent loss and theft. Don't forget to take out an appropriate insurance policy on your premises and your products.

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