How to Increase Sales with an Effective Email Sales Letter

How to Increase Sales With an Effective Email Sales Letter

In addition to your regular sales letter, you should also start sending out sales letters through email.

The biggest advantage of email sales letters is that they are virtually free of cost. They also convey the message that your business is Internet savvy. Below are some helpful hints to send out response-inducing email sales letters to your prospective clients.

Use Colors and Fonts to Paint an Attractive Sales Letter

You should use the right combination of colors and different fonts to highlight the key aspects of your sales letter.

Concentrate on the content too, since the flow of the letter should be maintained and inspire your readers to take action (buy).

Use Photos of Your Products

You can also add different photos of your products. You can start by mentioning the history of your company along with the matching photos before moving on to current times and products.

This will create a bond with prospective clients and increase their trust in you.

Provide a Video Link

Video is a very effective marketing tool, and you should use it to sell your products.

You can provide a video link in the body of the sales letter, so that your prospective client will get feel for your business. You can even provide a virtual tour of your store, if your business has a physical location.

Realize That Your Letter Is Just an Introduction

You should realize that your email sales letter is just a method to open the virtual doors of your business to the reader. It might not generate sales immediately.

But your prospective clients may save that letter and use it to contact you when the need arises.

Offer Freebies to Readers Responding Through Your Email Sales Letter

You can offer a special discount or freebies to your readers responding through your email sales letter. This will provide you with feedback as to how many people have responded as a result of your email campaign.

Make note of the above hints when you design and dispatch your email sales letter on the virtual highway. You could soon see positive results when your letter hits its target.