How to Optimize Your Local Search Results

Is your business easy to find online? Particularly, is your website optimized for local search results? You could be missing out on a significant portion of business if customers who want your products or services cannot find you online. Read on to find out what you can do to improve your local search ranking.

Post Helpful Blogs and Articles

Part of your optimization process includes updating your business website frequently. Search engines like websites that provide up-to-date information for their users.

With that in mind, use your website to post a regular blog. Write helpful articles that are useful to your readers. Be sure to include specific keywords in each blog or article that will help search engines recognize and categorize your website. Keywords should include local information as well. For instance, if you operate a restaurant in Kirkland, Washington, near Seattle, you might include “Kirkland dining” as well as “Seattle restaurants” in your keyword list.

Use Meta Tags

Meta tags are html coding that is unseen by website visitors, but can be very helpful to search engines. Meta tags allow website creators a way to show search engines important keywords that can help you attract local customers. Use important meta tags such as “keywords” and “description” and include your local keywords in them, such as your city, neighborhood, and even your street name.

Utilize Pay Per Click and Pay Per Call

You can also attract new business with “pay per” advertising. Pay per click or pay per call marketing puts your business link or phone number at the top or beside search results. You set up an account with major search engines like Google and Yahoo! Then, when the specific keywords you bid on are searched, your small ad appears. Web searchers who are looking for your products can then click on a link to your website to get more information, or call you directly.

Pay per advertising is great for businesses like restaurants and gift retail stores. Research shows that people with iPhones and other mobile network devices are performing more and more searches and need your business – now! Make sure you give them a reason to call and get to your business right away.

Use these tips, and research other ideas you can use to improve your search results. Your local customers want to find your business. All you have to do is let them know you’re waiting for them.

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