How To Promote Your Company On and Offline

Promote Your Company On and Offline   

Whether it is selling your products or just informing customers about the services you offer. The Internet is your gateway to effective promotion of goods and services. As a business owner, you should implement both online and offline advertising strategies to promote the services of your company.

Online Promotion

1. Send emails to prospective customers and advertise your products and services.

2. Search engine optimization is crucial to draw online customers to your website. Include important keywords on the home page of your website to increase accessibility.

3. Affiliate programs are a great way to promote your company website and boost web traffic.

4. You can create forums that allow your customers to interact. Let them write product reviews to establish a rapport with your customers. You can also include message boards or blogs to create a dedicated customer base.

Offline Promotion

1.  Include your company in the yellow pages and local phone books.

2.  Advertise your company website through letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoices and faxes.

3.  Promote your company through giveaways such as calendars, pens, coffee mugs and diaries.

4.  You can give T-shirts and caps with the company logo printed on it to your employees.

5.  Publish articles to highlight the expertise and experience of your company. 

Whether on or offline, never pass up a chance to promote your company.

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