How to Run Businesses More Efficiently Using Different Software Tools

The digital age has gifted businesses with software that drastically improves processes and workflows, effectively raising productivity.
business management tools

Business and technology have always had a good relationship. That’s because people who own or manage businesses understand that getting the edge over the competition is the key to success. This means making the most of the resources at your disposal to maximize output while minimizing input.

The information age has made this process digital. For the past few years, business leaders have been turning to digital tools to squeeze out every ounce of productivity and efficiency they can from their processes and operations.

Over time, these technologies have evolved to become more effective in catering to the different needs of businesses. Today, there are countless digital tools out there that can vastly improve most, if not all, processes within a business organization.

If you own or manage a business, here are a few tools to help you run your operations as efficiently as possible:

Administrative Tasks Are the First To Go

Whether you’re managing a micro business or running an industry giant, administrative work takes up a lot of your or your team’s time, energy, and resources. Resources that can be better spent elsewhere in the business.

That said, one of the first and most important set of programs any business should have in their arsenal is administrative digital tools.

Accounting Tools

Bookkeeping or accounting tasks are among the most tedious administrative work in all businesses. They are painstakingly meticulous and their impact to the business is huge. If these tasks aren’t done well, the finances of the whole organization will suffer. This will affect payroll, budgeting, tax, and even compliance with regulations.

So, businesses try to pour more hours into making sure accounting is perfect. Other organizations may even hire entire teams just for this. Micro businesses, however, don’t have this luxury and owners are often left with the burden of dealing with these tasks by themselves, eating away at their precious time that could have been spent in growing the business.

Fortunately, digital accounting tools are now very common in the business world. Having all the bookkeeping tasks done in a more standard and efficient way using these programs saves businesses so much time and resources. These types of automated software also offer more accuracy compared to more traditional ways of doing accounting.

Here’s Fundera with their list of their most recommended accounting tools.

Management Programs

These programs incorporate communication, timekeeping, and project management components into all-in-one solutions that drastically improves productivity and collaboration.

Using software like this enables teams to connect and collaborate with each other as they share each other’s progress and issues. They are also able to pull the same resources which, not only improves the efficiency of working together, but also raises the accuracy of their work and the quality of their output.

The timekeeping part of management programs is also equally useful, especially for team leaders and managers. They help keep track of who is doing what. This enables managers to monitor which parts of the project are having issues and how best to approach similar tasks in the future. They also allow leaders to compare the efficiency of team members regarding certain tasks. In some cases, this can even tie in with compensation.

Some management programs are made especially for certain industries. There are medical practice management software tools, for example, that cater to the management of medical facilities. These have special features that are extremely useful for those businesses, like seamless access to patient medical or billing records.

Human Resource Management Is Not Far Behind

HR management is so impactful to businesses. In some cases, they can make or break the culture and retention of the team. Even in small organizations, the need for proper HR management is apparent.

Now, there are programs that can help teams to successfully navigate HR tasks. These programs can take care of anything from organizing interviews for candidates, guiding the onboarding process for new hires, and even scheduling work for regular members of the team.

Dealing with HR-related cases like conflicts, however, still require the attention of people, but that doesn’t mean that the process cannot be improved with software. In fact, case management is one of the best features that these programs offer. They help the efficiency, effectiveness, and even confidentiality of case resolutions.

Here’s Source Forge with their list of the best HR management software in 2020.

Marketing Is the Next Frontier

Online marketing has become essential now for most industries. Without some kind of online presence, businesses can easily find themselves behind their competition. There are also digital tools that can help in this regard.

These programs handle anything from website and social media management to email marketing campaigns. Other, more technical software tools also deal with market and keyword research that better inform future online marketing strategies.


With the rate these technologies are penetrating different industries, it’s not surprising that an overwhelming majority of businesses are already taking advantage of them. If you’re not using any of the tools mentioned here, you may have already fallen behind.

Even if that’s the case though, there are still opportunities to catch up. Employ these resource-saving and productivity-improving programs and you’ll see the benefits not long after.

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