How Can You Run LinkedIn Ads Perfectly – 4 Proven Tips

To run Linkedin ads, you'll need to set up ad advertising account on LinkedIn. The advantage is that you'll reach a professional audience.
run linkedin ads

Of all social media platforms, LinkedIn is more business-oriented. It is a platform for working professionals, employers, and companies. With LinkedIn, job search and recruiting trained staff is easy. To run Linkedin ads, you’ll need to set up ad advertising account on LinkedIn, similar to other social media platforms. The advantage is that LinkedIn ads target a more formal and professional audience. The ads generate leads and increase web traffic and brand awareness.

Run LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has several ad features, including Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content, Text Ads, and Dynamic Ads. These features help establish recognition in the market while the campaign manager helps with handling your ads.

Although you can hire a LinkedIn ads company, you can create a perfect and strategic plan, making the most out of LinkedIn advertising. Fortunately, this article discusses tips to aid your planning, giving you the upper hand among your competitors.

Let’s get into it.

Planning Smartly

LinkedIn developers have a recommended process for marketing. Because of the numerous data at their disposal, it is wise to trust them.

Creating a personal LinkedIn profile is the first step. Also, because people are the foundation of any company, gathering information gives your company complete data. Furthermore, people like knowing whom they have to work with; thus, learning about their co-workers before applying for a job increases their trust in your company.

After creating a personal profile, the next step is to create a company profile. Company pages are visible to everyone since they are public.

Defining your audience and business goals is the next task. Doing this makes the planning and execution of your plan smoother. Afterward, optimizing the company profile using keywords, linking your company page, and sharing relevant content across your networks is ideal.

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Adding your employees to the company page is advised. You can increase your followers by including a follow button on your business profile. Also, visual content helps engage your audience. For the best performing content, you should boost them, helping you reach a wider population.

Other smart plans to put in place include setting up ad campaigns for better brand awareness and using analytics to track your progress. You should also check lags and improvise where necessary.

Sponsored Content

You can reach relevant professionals in the same niche with sponsored content.

When using sponsored content, keeping the headline text under 150 characters helps catch your audience’s attention. Images of 1200×627 px tend to get more clicks. Therefore, use larger photos instead of thumbnails. Furthermore, adding a button or writing a call to action helps your audience understand their expected reaction to your post. 

Targeting helps you reach a more specific audience. Choosing a location and two other demographics your ads will most affect when targeting is best.

After analyzing market trends, you should create content. Instead of carrying out plain promotions, it is best to offer key takeaways and insights. Also, including testimonials and success stories helps in building trust.

You can also try out new LinkedIn tools like lead gen forms, audience expansion, and LinkedIn audience network. 

Lead gen forms collect essential data about professionals, helping you widen your audience. While the audience expansion tool is for discovering people similar to your target audience. On the other hand, the LinkedIn audience network is suitable for engaging audiences outside of LinkedIn.

Testing different versions of an ad helps you see which one works better. It is best to halt and replace ads with the least interactions by the end of the week. 

Sponsored InMail

The sponsored InMail feature helps send personalized messages to active LinkedIn members. 

When using the sponsored InMail feature, your message should be direct, customized to the receiver, and under 500 characters. Also, adding relevant hyperlinks helps you get clicks. Furthermore, your tone should be friendly and use a common call to action, letting the person know the following line of action. Standard calls to action include, apply, today, click, free, and try

Knowing the number of conversions from your sponsored InMail campaigns is made easy with the LinkedIn insight tag. The campaign manager can measure the success rate. Therefore, deciding the threshold for key metrics helps you use the tool efficiently.

Text Ads

You can find text ads on the righthand side of LinkedIn’s desktop feed. When featuring textual promotions, you can use horizontal, square, or long text links.

You should also use attention-seeking headlines and guide viewers with a call to action. The buttons or call to action should be linked to a relevant landing page.

Making your landing destination mobile-friendly is essential because many LinkedIn users access their feeds on their mobile phones.

Using an image with a human also drives better results. People give photos with humans more attention than inanimate objects or logos.

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The tips discussed in this article are ideal for planning and executing your LinkedIn campaign while maximizing minimal resources. Using all ad styles to find which one works best is advised. You should also examine the results and improvise where necessary

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