How's Your Customer Service Around Closing Time?

Business HoursIn high school, I was the typical student: in school during the day and working at a part-time job at night. Normally I am an extremely dedicated employee but there was one time when I worked at a company for only one day and then walked out, never to return. That's not my normal style but in this case I was sickened by what I saw.

It was my first day working at a car dealership. Late at night, five minutes before closing, a customer came into the service area and asked for help. He wheeled his tire in with him and pointed out that it was flat. His wife was waiting at their car on the highway for him to return.

One good-hearted employee offered to repair the tire quickly. It should have taken about 5 minutes. Another employee, who was older and had much more seniority, said no… they wouldn't repair the tire because it was getting to be too late in the workday. The helpful employee insisted and the older employee was equally as adamant about not helping.

I was amazed as I watched the two men literally screaming at each other and it was the closest I had ever seen grown men come to fighting at that point in my life.

As they fought, I watched helplessly from my training computer as the customer rolled the flat tire out the door in search of someone else who could help him. I knew that there weren't many other businesses open at this time.

Do you know what happens around closing time at your business?