Increase Business Performance with Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are now the norm. Here are 3 essential tips to increase business performance with virtual meetings.
increase business performance with virtual meetings

The world is slowly but surely adapting to the post-COVID world. Virtual meetings, once an oddity, have become the norm for business around the world. Offices are being shut, and employees are getting used to working from home. Before the pandemic, virtual meetings were increasingly common. However, after lockdown, they look set to remain the preferred method of communication.

Such a rapid change naturally brings challenges. Previously, employers worried that working from home would lead to decreases in productivity and efficiency. However, the rapid transition has led to many questioning this logic. Yet, more can still be done to improve business performance with virtual meetings. Many are still not using the medium to its full potential.

Therefore, to assist, we’ve put together some essential tips to increase business performance with virtual meetings.

Reduced Costs

Don’t waste money on expensive travel. There’s no need to send an employee half-way around the world to meet a client. The virtual meeting can replace the needless costs of flights, trains, hotels, meals and more. With a simple click of a button, you can connect with anyone anywhere.

Furthermore, with employees increasingly working from home, office spaces can be shrunk or gotten rid of entirely. The logic behind the office is vanishing. People don’t need a physical hub to meet up; they can use the virtual arena for such gatherings. If people do need to meet in real-life, then companies can book a table in a restaurant or the local conference centre.

The savings from this transition are remarkable. Companies no longer need to pay for heating or rental; no need for cleaning or expensive furniture. However, it might be a good idea to pay for some of your employees increased expenditure.

Attract the Best Talent and Clients

Never has the world been as connected as at present. You can chat seamlessly with people from every corner of the globe. Such freedom creates a wealth of possibilities.

When looking for new clients, expand your horizon. No longer do you need to restrict your customer pool to the neighbouring cities. Via the internet and virtual meetings, you can attract clients worldwide—host virtual open days or presentations to showcase your products to the world. Put out adverts, get yourself known. Then, you can set up smaller private meetings to clarify the specifics of a client’s requests.

But the options don’t stop there. As well as attracting new clients, you can also attract the best talent. Look abroad for workers, discovering the unique skills and talents different nationalities can bring to the table. You can also create a more flexible and adaptable workforce. Hire for specific projects, using a wide pool of contractors. Or create seasonal positions for a period of increased business.

Use the Tech Toolkit

 There are so many accompanying tools with virtual conferencing. Many are criminally underappreciated. You don’t need to be a tech whizz kid to use them. But they can infuse your meetings with both vibrancy and passion.

Consider screen sharing

On the surface, it seems like a simple tool. It is most popularly used for PowerPoint presentations. However, the possibilities are endless. If you need to talk through the figures, pull a spreadsheet up. If you’re showcasing a new piece of software to a client, it’s never been easier. Or if you want to use a video as an opener to a new concept, you can do so.

Virtual backgrounds are essential for all businesses

They replace an employee’s backdrop with any of the ones available. So, always use zoom virtual backgrounds for video meetings – Hello Backgrounds that have the best selection available. They have hundreds of incredible HD photos and videos, from natural vistas to modern offices. The choice is yours.

Record the meeting for maximum memorability

Gone are the days of scanning the minutes to find out what was said. Nor do you need to rely on your colleagues. Instead, watch the exact meeting back, so you don’t miss anything. Plus, if you’re running a training session, it serves as a useful resource for new starters.

Create with virtual whiteboards

If you have a complicated concept to explore, sketch it out on a virtual whiteboard. With a multitude of colours and pens, you’ll be able to create exactly what you imagine. You’ll also be able to hold a brainstorming session or draw a diagram.

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