Introduction to the RBFF Financial Guide

The Regional Business Financing Forum “RBFF” is a non-profit, all volunteer organization composed of the key commercial financing firms and organizations (public and private) doing business in the Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia areas. The RBFF focus is to:

  • centralize all relevant, practical information and data on the financial firms doing business in the region;
  • increase the access to and expedite the match-up between available business financial resources and companies that need expansion capital;
  • provide a central forum for financial firms to develop and establish new business financial products, ventures, and joint efforts to meet the needs of regional business firms; and
  • directly contribute to the expansion of business and economic growth for all regional firms at all stages of development.

RBFF offers its appreciation for the many individuals who have dedicated their time and resources to make this publication and other RBFF programs possible. Special thanks are in order for all of the private sponsors who have so generously supported the establishment and success of the RBFF programs for the business community.

Our common goal, through all of the RBFF programs, is to help and support you (the local business person, corporation, or enterprise, regardless of size or development stage) to acquire the best possible match for needed commercial financing in the quickest available time frame. We are focusing on ways to positively change the way business is conducted and accelerate the capital to those segments of the business community where it is needed most. That means economic growth and expansion for the existing regional companies and immediate new job opportunities.


(i) RBFF Financial Exposition The March, 1994 Exposition was an overwhelming success from both financial and business firm perspectives. RBFF was indeed honored to receive a direct letter of commendation for its overall efforts from Congresswoman Constance A. Morella (8th District, Maryland), which stated in part:

“The ability to assemble so many key financial and business firms in such a voluntary non-profit cooperative effort in order to specifically target the improvement and acceleration of economic growth for our region deserves the highest praise. In a time when governmental resources and funds are severely strained to meet ever increasing public needs, efforts such as RBFF … [have] my full support and enthusiasm.”

Following these successes and based on strong business community demand, The Second Annual Financial Exposition was held Wednesday, March 8, 1995, at the Conference Center, U.S. Postal Academy, Potomac, MD. Assembling the greatest concentration of business financial experts in one place at one time for direct contact by any CEO/CFO, as well as providing the opportunity to conduct business, RBFF had an overflow crowd. The Expo specifically tackled some of the most prominent business financing issues in this region – capital for expanding technology firms of all types, the needs of government contractors diversifying into commercial areas, and commercial real estate financing.

(ii) RBFF Financial Guide The RBFF Financial Guide has been an overwhelming success with over 30,000 copies already in distribution and directly in the hands of CEO’s and CFO’s. Aside from direct distribution by all of the community, business, and institutional organizations, the financial firms themselves have been very active in getting the Guide to the firms that are looking for expansion capital. Through the efforts of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, both the 1994 and 1995 Guides were made available to every EDA in the Commonwealth of Virginia and their clients. RBFF is expecting a similar type of effort to be completed for all EDA’s in Maryland during 1996.

Through the support and cooperation of the US Small Business Administration, both Guides are being distributed to all 8(a) firms (district offices in Washington, Baltimore, Richmond), SCORE counselors, and all small business development centers in the entire region.

Through the cooperation of the U.S. Department of. Defense (“DOD”), both Guides are projected to be accessible to every regional firm currently doing or wishing to do business with DOD by the end of 1995. This one outlet alone could well push published copies for the 1995 Guide to a 40,000 + level.

Woodrow D. Wollensen, Editor, RBFF Financial Guide, President/Chairman RBFF