Looking For More Sales?

Marketing a small business isn't easy — but is crucial to the success of every small business.

If you want to boost your sales, then you will have to have a sound strategy in place.

Tips for Expanding Sales


It is very important to follow up with your customers. You can send them a ‘Thank you' e-mail and mention something about any new products at the end. This will not only make them feel good, but also helps you keep your advertising costs down.


As a small business owner, every order counts — and so you have to make an attempt to upsell to your customers. When customers are at your order page, then don't miss this chance to explain to them briefly about other products you sell.

At best, your customers will order other products, increasing your sales. At worst, they just continue with their original order.

Let's Make a Deal

You can make a deal with your customers by offering them a percentage off of the price of one of your products for any referrals. This costs you little but can pay off big – for example, if a customer refers 4 other customers, it will mean you have managed to expand one sale into three.

Always remember that when you sell a product or service, your customers should be informed about any affiliate program you have, so that they are able to sell your products and get a commission. This will help you in increasing your sales without any extra effort on your part.

Cross promotions of your products with products of other businesses in the form of a package deal is also an effective method of increasing sales. A flyer or ad can be included with your products and other businesses will be selling it for you. Again, you don't need to do much extra work.

Increasing sales isn't rocket science, but it does take persistence. Use the tips above and you'll be rewarded with a hefty bottom line.