Inexpensive Marketing Solutions During a Recession

Marketing during a recession is a big challenge, but there are many creative strategies that small business owners can use. Explore several inexpensive marketing ideas that will help your small business in tough economic times.

Every penny counts when you are marketing during a recession. Not only do you need to continue encouraging customers to remain patrons of your small business in these tough economic times, but you need to keep your employees working and the bills paid. Thankfully, there are a variety of different inexpensive marketing techniques that you can employ. Some require energy and perseverance, but that is what it takes to succeed when marketing in a recession.

Pick up the Telephone

Remember the days when the telephone was the primary tool for communication? It is still a tool that you can use for marketing in a recession. Previous customers are perhaps your most valuable resource when you are marketing in a recession. It doesn’t hurt to pick up the telephone occasionally and let some of them know about any new services or products that you are offering. This is different from a telephone sales campaign because you are simply offering information rather than trying to make a sale. It is an inexpensive marketing technique that should make you comfortable because you will be contacting customers who have used your services in the past.

Partner With a Complementary Business

You can use unique business relationships to develop inexpensive marketing campaigns during this recession. If you partner with another person who offers products or services that complement your business, you can increase traffic and revenue. For example, if your business specializes in beauty products and cosmetics, you can partner develop a special promotion with a florist to offer package deals for special occasions, such as Mother’s Day. You can refer clients to the florist, and the florist can refer clients to you. This is a very inexpensive marketing technique that benefits two small business owners at the same time!

Don’t Go Anywhere without a Business Card

Business cards are cheap, and they can help boost marketing in a recession. Casual conversations at the mall or in the vet’s office can turn to business matters without notice. You can always drop a business card to people you meet in these situations. You might even consider distributing coupons or special promotional offers with your business card, and encourage average citizens to tell their friends and family about what you are offering. Marketing during a recession takes dedication and perseverance; therefore, you need to capitalize on any interaction as though it is a business opportunity.

Spruce Up the Company Website

It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to dress up your website and attract more eyes. You can make subtle changes to text and graphics as a means of inexpensive marketing. This will give customers a heightened sense of interest and a reason to check and see what else might have changed at your small business.

You will need to employ a combination of techniques to succeed with marketing during a recession. Try employing one or two of these suggestions simultaneously to achieve maximum results. Inexpensive marketing solutions do work, but it will take an investment of your time and energy to generate a true return.

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