Motivational Triggers that Make Customers Buy

Have you ever gone the mall to window shop, and ended up buying something that caught your eye? Something about that product must have motivated you to buy it.

Motivational triggers are the key that opens minds and creates a desire for a particular product.

Status Symbols

Advertisers use this trigger very effectively by positioning their products in such a way so that people might think that buying the product will enhance their life in some way or the other. People are compelled to think that their life is a failure if they do not possess a particular brand of mobile phone, or if they don't have the most popular brand of jeans.

Money or time saving ideas are also very popular. In this marketing strategy, products are positioned in such a way that implies that people who buy them will save money or time or both.

Popular models and film stars are also used to promote products tempting people to think that they too want the product if their idol has it or is promoting it.

Market Repositioning

The downside is that many times, people end up buying products that they really do not need or are unable to use after purchase. Smart companies also reposition their products so as to activate different areas of the customer's mind.

For example, a mobile phone with basic features is marketed as a life necessity – but higher end models are sold implying that the product will make customers' lives more successful.

Activating your customers' emotional triggers isn't hard- but it will take some thought and work on your part. By following the examples above, you can make sure that your products and services will always be in demand.

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