Must-have gadget/equipment: The Tablet PC

When my computer starts to run a little more slowly and a little more loudly than I'd prefer, I know it's time to get a new computer. As I look around at what's out there right now, I'm really drawn to the Tablet PC.

A Tablet PC is like a laptop, except you have a few more options with the screen: you can turn it around for presentations or you can fold it flat and write directly on the screen with a stylus. It has the functionality and portability of a laptop, but the swiveling screen gives it greater functionality.

This has all kinds of great business applications, from visiting clients to doing presentations. Because they're easier to carry and use than laptops, I've seen insurance appraisers using them as they walk around cars they're appraising for claims.

Check out the tablet PCs at and or Google “Tablet PC” and see what you get. Sometimes I do that just for fun.

I hope my computer starts to run a little more loudly soon! Maybe I'll help it along.

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