Negotiation Video: How to Overcome Price Resistance

Negotiate the highest price for your services.  Overcome price resistance by your prospects and customers.

Here is a proven strategy to negotiate pricing in your favor when a customer asks for a lower price. This video includes sample dialogs you can use to show your customer why your prices are worth it.


    • Peter, thanks for the note. Glad to hear you like the site. We’ll be updating content every weekday. We are also coming out with small business videos packed with rich content this year.

  1. Nice, easy-to-follow instructions for deal negotiation with a prospective client. Keep the focus on quality.

  2. Thanks to my friend Steve Bouchard for pointing out a typo. One of the slides says “delivery” instead of “deliver”.

  3. Excellent delivery! Loved the transition between the video and the “slide”. Plus, your material has some great content that I will use in the future. Thanks!

  4. @John – please try one of the other links in the post. The video is published on numerous sites so hopefully you can get it to view from one of them.

    @Linda @Ken – thanks for your comments. Glad you found the info useful.

    • The videos are uploaded to YouTube and several other video streaming sites. You can view them from those sites at any time.

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