Getting the Most Out of Technology in a New Business

Check out the new technology for business and how it can help you run your business. See how you can get the most out of technology for businesses.

Any entrepreneur knows that technology makes business easier. But how do you know what new kind of technology that you need to incorporate in your small business – and which type is frivolous? New technology for business is growing exponentially, therefore making it difficult to determine what is “essential” and what can be done without.

Technology for businesses will continue to grow and change. Before you jump in the market and start buying up the latest hot items, ask the following questions that can help you decide whether or not a new technology for business is right for you:

  • Will this technology allow my business to serve customers better?
  • What are the costs associated with the new technology, and what is the potential savings (in dollars) that it could generate?
  • Are comparable businesses using the same technology, and if so, how has it impacted their performance?
  • What will it cost to maintain the technology to keep it current in the future (i.e. updates, upgrades, new components, etc.)?

There are certain devices and applications that are simply necessary for keeping up with the ever-changing demands of business. The following technology for businesses cannot be avoided, and here are some ways you can maximize their use in a small business:

Web Technologies

Standard web technologies in their simplest form include websites and email. More modern web-based technologies include social networking sites and collaborative software (i.e. web cameras or video conferencing software). Websites and email capabilities are absolutely essential.

Social networking is growing at an exponential rate, and forward-thinking companies must adapt and use this new technology for business. Social networking is an especially effective means of marketing and advertising.

Mobile Communication

It’s nearly impossible to do business (or life in general) without a mobile communication device. Cell phones are quite standard, but some new technology for business has also emerged. Blackberries, iPhones, Smart phones and a host of others have taken the business world by storm.

Of all the technology for business that is available, mobile communication devices will continue to become more and more important as a means for facilitating teamwork, interpersonal relationships and accomplishing goals.


Computers are certainly not a new technology for business, but added software and networking components are fresh and innovative. Secure networking allows employees to access pertinent files and information from home.

This technology for business makes it possible for employees to telecommute or complete an important task offsite. Secure networks have also made it possible for employees to share files and work collaboratively.

Office Space

The business office is taking on new forms. Machines and supplies simply make life easier for employees and allow them to meet customer needs more effectively. Paper can almost be completely eliminated as email has replaced post-it notes and copy machines can now capture images in .pdf form and send the document to any number of email addresses. Advanced features like this not only make doing business easier, but some of them actually save time and money too.

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