Own a Small Business? How to Use Blogging to Your Advantage

Own a Small Business? How to Use Blogging to Your Advantage

Up until recently, “blogging” and “business” seemed to be a bit of an oxymoron.

However, thanks to some easy-to-use blogging software such as Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress, business owners have begun to appreciate the power associated with having their own “press”.

What are Blogs?

For those of us, not-so-techno-savvy business owners, blog is short for web log. Essentially, it is a 100 to 250-word article written about… anything.

It’s a great way to establish an online presence – especially for those who don’t want the bother and expense of setting up and maintaining a website

Blogs are relatively easy to write. The writing is simple, straightforward, and compact.

Generally, blogs are filled with links to lead the reader to more detailed information. They serve as “teasers” of sorts. Though any overt attempt to “plug” your business directly will be considered Spam by most search engines, and you’ll be penalized.

Blogs as a Marketing Tool

Blogs are an inexpensive marketing tool you can use to communicate with prospective customers.

Business owners often blog about what they know most about… their business. Thus, establishing their expertise online.

The biggest expense to having a blog is the time it takes to write and update your blog on a regular basis.

Update your blog often, and people will start visiting your blog regularly. You can write about some new technology that you’re involved with, or a new product you’re introducing, or an award you may have received.

Ultimately, many search engines respond to the popularity of a link, thus increasing your ratings in the search engines.

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