Personal Planning: How to Plan Time for Yourself and Still be Profitable

With these personal planning tips, you can make time for yourself and your family without losing profits in your small business.
personal planning

Small business owners often feel their companies own them. The work required to keep a business running can be exhausting. It is not uncommon for some business owners to work 16 to 18 hour days just to make end meet – but this doesn’t have to be the case. With these personal planning tips, you can make time for yourself – without losing profits on your business.

Personal Planning: What Time Should You Leave For Yourself?

Family Time

Anyone who is married and/or has children knows the importance of keeping family time sacred. With children growing up so quickly and a marriage that needs nurturing, you must take personal planning time. You are working to support your family, but not having any time to spend with them defeats the purpose of your endeavors.

Diet and Exercise

So many people complain that they have no time to plan for meals. Some even forget to eat because they keep so busy. However, your continued health depends on the time management you create to keep your body in shape. Plan for meals during your lunches so you don’t forget to eat or end up snacking on junk food. In addition, plan at least to walk 30 minutes a day three times a week.

Hobby Time

There are always activities other than your business that you enjoy. Plan time for writing that book or renovating that old car.

Social Time

Your friends are important, and it’s important for you to feel welcome and wanted in social circles. Try not to avoid your friends and social groups because “I just have to get this done.”


Reflection and meditation is also an important time management issue for you to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

What Can You Do To Save Time?

Hire Help

You are proud of starting and running your own small business. There is no question about that. And although you are allowed to make the decisions that affect your company, you don’t have to do everything. To make your personal planning effective, hire extra help if you need to so you can delegate activities. Perhaps a bookkeeper who can also manage the office. Or a qualified mechanic who can do routine jobs while you continue operating your garage business.

Get Organized

Time management means putting things in order so you save time. Organize your office. Organize your daily planner and stick to it. You can also automate your small business, or at least parts of it, so that many tasks are done using contractors or online tools that can make you more efficient.

Make Your Personal Plans

By making your business plans for the year, you can fit in your own personal planning time between business needs. Get your marketing plan ready to engage. Use previous year records to plan how and where your revenue will be generated. If you know what you’ll be doing ahead of time, instead of flying by the seat of your pants, you will be able to plan for your own time requirements.

Personal planning and time management do not have to difficult or tedious. All it takes is for you to sit down and consciously put everything in order. Jot down ideas. Create a calendar planner. Formulate your business goals and plans. You’ll be thankful that the time you take now will save time for you in the future.

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