5 Countries That Provide a Quality Call Center Services in 2022

Quality call center services are often outsourced to different countries in order to reduce cost. Here are 5 countries that offer the best options.
quality call center services

Quality call center services have remained one of the most popular among B2B and B2C clients for several years already. The quality of this type of service depends primarily on the organization’s approach.

Call center outsourcing cuts a company’s expenses significantly and helps save the budget for producing the goods. While there is a call center on outsourcing, it does not mean that the quality of service decreases. Indeed, the process becomes smoother and faster in most cases.

Which Countries Provide Quality Call Center Services

Based on the current market situation analysis and the speed of implementing the innovations, we identified the top 5 countries where resident companies provide excellent call center service.

1. Philippines

The Philippines quickly became the hub of quality call center services because of its cost of living, international relevancy, and English language proficiency level. Because of the country’s low cost of living, companies reduce operational costs, saving up to 80%. Another reason for its popularity is the affinity with the Western part of the world. The Philippines was a Spanish colony until the end of the 19th century, boosting its ability to work with foreign customers. The country also possesses an educated workforce, as most of the population knows English, so there is no problem for them to help with any customer’s inquiries. 

The largest local-based call center providers are Concentrix and VXI Global. VXI Global is one of the best US telemarketing companies having broad multilingual support. 

VXI Global presents a case study where their call center had to deal with a peer-to-peer ridesharing/ food delivery company to handle increasing orders. To understand the root of customers’ dissatisfaction, VXI identified the bottom-performing call center agents by doing some tests. Then these agents went through an intense course of call control, multitasking, and customer analysis. After the program, customer satisfaction increased by 90%, and driver activations remained active throughout the whole day. 

2. Singapore

Singapore is a famous call center outsourcing location as it is a strategic point between the two parts of the world. In addition, it has a technologically advanced infrastructure and a supportive business environment. The city uses technology to serve the needs of citizens in projects like Beeline App. There are transport routes created on the demand of commuters and hackathons to support young workers. The city also stands at the East and the West intersection and establishes an important trade and cultural hub. Finally, Singapore has a system of supportive public funding from different organizations to develop the culture of tech start-ups. 

The biggest local call center providers are TDCX and Aidey. TDCX provides companies with modern CX solutions, helping get new customers and protect the online community. 

One of the case studies that TDCX had to deal with recently is seasonal campaign scaling for one of the biggest accommodation-sharing companies. The company needed a strong team that could deal with the fast-growing scale of countries without jeopardizing the customer experience. As a result, the provider doubled the team from 300 to 650 members for a summer peak and developed a training program that helped the agents to process different complaints and scenarios. Thus, the summer campaign operations increased to 216% and helped to handle raising seasonal issues. 

3. Ukraine

The main reason for Ukraine’s popular call center hub status is cost optimization, as the average service rate can be two times lower than in the USA or countries of Western Europe. However, it does not influence performance quality because Ukraine can boast an educated and hard-working population. 80% of customer service agents have an Intermediate English level, creating favorable conditions for foreign companies’ investments. Ukrainians also possess a great work ethic as they work by European standards and values, are open to communication, and are straightforward in expressing their opinions. 

One of the biggest quality call center services in Ukraine is WOW 7-24. The company can provide engaging communication and improve customer loyalty via different channels. It also has a flexible and expandable call service system that stands out in the market.

A presentation design company, Slidepeak, receives different inquiries from B2B and B2C businesses. Thus, they turned to WOW 7-24 for help with managing edit requests in design, so the design team has more time for the review process. The call center provider set up a user-friendly CRM system that helps track various demands from different time zones 24/7. They also provided an expert team that could run processes  and provided customers with needed information via call center service. As a result, the response rate of Slidepeak increased by 30%, and the communication quality between account managers and customers improved significantly. 

4. India

Many international companies organize their call center outsourcing in India because of its beneficial time zone and highly educated workforce. India has 12 hours of difference on average from many countries worldwide, allowing the call center agents to provide the customers with uninterrupted service round-the-clock. India also has one of the largest workforces globally and the second-largest English-speaking population after the USA. It attracts international companies as Indians do not have any problems understanding the needs of foreign clients. 

One of the leading quality call center service providers is Infosys BPM, offering customer service to various industries from finance to media and entertainment. It specializes in crisis management techniques in the post-Covid-19 era, offering companies new solutions for reaching their clients and leading communication with them. 

One of the case studies of Infosys BPM shows managing operations at a leading insurance company. The major challenges were poor customer experience, high call resolution time, and low first call solving rates. Infosys BPM prepared a Smart User Environment platform that helped track the calls’ operational efficiency. They also arranged online conversations between employees and clients that added the company’s value to the process. As a result, the program reduced call volumes and managed the efficient call center experience for the clients. 

5. Argentina

Argentina has a fifth place on this list but remains an important location for quality call center services. It continues to optimize its telecommunication, possessing the third-largest telecommunications market in Latin America, which has increased by 300% over the last ten years. The Argentinian government also stimulates foreign participation in the country’s economic development. The government came up with tax incentive programs that encourage foreign business investment by reducing double taxation.

One of the biggest Argentinian call service providers is Atento. The company works with traditional and modern channels to keep in touch with clients, focusing on resolving conflicts on time.

For example, one of the case studies Atento dealt with was the Covid-19 hotline in the State of Maryland. The primary task was to improve customer satisfaction in scheduling Covid-19 vaccines and reaching out to vulnerable people to help them with planning their visits. Atento created the Equitable Vaccination Distribution & Scheduling program that helped handle the increasing number of calls by combining digital agents with call center staff. As a result, they processed 60% of calls by digital means, giving more space for human interaction for those in need, answering 99% of calls. 

By reviewing the reasons for each country’s popularity as a call center hub and explaining specific case studies of their most popular providers, we identified the world’s top 5 call center locations. Call center outsourcing is a great way to be available to clients while saving budgets for other companies’ needs.

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