Sample RFP Response and Short Proposal Example

Copy/paste this sample RFP response and short proposal example to create your own. This format makes it easy for companies to review your capabilities.
sample RFP response

When you receive a request for proposals (RFP), what is your response supposed to look like? Copy/paste this sample RFP response and short proposal example to create your own. This format makes it easy for companies to review your capabilities. You can also convert this sample RFP response into a business contract by adding a special ending.

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Sample RFP Response

Change the content based on what the RFP requires. Since this is a sample RFP response, you can fill in the main content parts after you figure out how you will solve the client’s specific requests.

1. Background

Briefly go over their general requirements. Example: XYZ Company would like a local area network installed to connect all of the computers in their office to share disk space and printers and automatically do tape backups.

2. Scope

Discuss in detail each item in your RFP response. Describe how you intend to solve the specific requirements. Use diagrams to illustrate your approach and solution.

This will likely be the longest section of your proposal and will probably have several subsections.

Pro Tip:

Create a boilerplate write up that you can save as your sample RFP response to future requests. Make sure that you clearly designate the portions you need to edit so that you don’t accidentally submit something with information intended for another prospect.

This would not only be embarrassing but will show prospects that you are providing generic information pulled from a short proposal example rather than offering a unique solution for their business.

3. Schedule

When do you anticipate starting? How long will each task take? Make a table of your expected schedule for completing the project.

4. Staff

This is an optional section. Some firms like to see who will be working on the project. This is more important for larger projects in which the specific individuals who work on the project can be the difference between winning and losing. This is often the case for government projects or specialized consulting situations that required a high degree of expertise.

Put the resumes in this section of this sample RFP response. When pitching projects that have multiple team members, include details on who will manage the project.

5. Pricing

Breakdown the cost by products, tools, and personnel time to come up with your expected budget. Include payment terms, discounts for early payment, and other cost or payment information. Sample payment terms can be:

  • Net 30 days
  • 2% Discount If Paid Net 15 days
  • 2.5% Fee If Paid by Credit Card

6. Supporting Information

Add any supporting info in this section of your RFP response. For example, if you’re trying to convince your prospect to use a specific type of technology or approach to tackling a problem, back up your reasoning here with third-party quotes, research, test results, and other supporting details to prove your point.

You can also add information about similar projects you have completed for other firms and what their results, provided you have permission. Include testimonials from clients, links from media coverage, reviews, and other third party information that enhances your credibility.

Short Proposal Example

There’s a unique twist to this short proposal example that you can add to make your life easier. Include one more section that converts the sample RFP response into a contract. Some states allow you to do this by adding the following sentence along with lines for signatures and dates. Be sure to check with an attorney to make sure there aren’t any other requirements to consider.

To proceed with the work outlined in this RFP response subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, please sign and date below.

Link the words “Terms and Conditions” to a document that details the specific terms for your company – or add an appendix with those terms. Written business contracts are an important legal step to make sure that you have clearly documented the contractual obligations you propose.

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