Should You Use Video on Your Business Website?

Media and technology are exploding, and thanks to websites like YouTube and Metacafe, videos are quickly gaining popularity. In a matter of seconds, computer users can download short clips, news stories, and even full length feature films. Video is an excellent way to share information with consumers, as well as increase interest and traffic on your website. Here are some of the reasons why online video is effective and why your business website can benefit from videos:

  • Credibility – The modern consumer enjoys seeing proof about products and services offered online. With a video, there is a heightened sense of credibility for your business if the images can help answer questions and concerns.

  • Entertainment – Videos are entertaining and give customers just one more added reason to spend more time browsing at your website.

  • Competition – You can set yourself apart from other competitors by using high-quality videos that are fun and entertaining for customers. Video will give you an extra edge when it comes to competing with other small and large businesses.

Along with all of these great benefits are several problems with video when it comes to your business website. Some of the problems and concerns commonly associated with video include the following:

  • Cost – You will want a well-made video for your website, which means you might have to make a significant investment.

  • Time – Making good videos is time consuming. From conception to shooting and editing, it will take a significant investment of your time to create a great one for your business website.

  • Technology – Not all computers are created equal, and video may slow down the speed of your website. This might cause frustration for customers and you could lose potential sales.

Video can certainly spice up a marketing campaign, as long as you have the time, creativity and energy to do the job right. Take your consumer market into consideration, explore the websites of your competitors, and survey your customers before you draft your first video script. Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of video as you decide whether or not to include it on your business website.

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