Simple Residual Income Opportunities

Simple Residual Income Opportunities 

Here's a subject that I am particularly fond of — Residual income.  But what exactly is it?  Residual income is income we all like because it is earned repeatedly for completing a task just once! A common example of residual income is the rent a homeowner gets every month for renting out a home.  

Earn Residual Income By Publishing Articles

The easiest and the most inexpensive way of earning residual income is by publishing articles. If you have expertise in a particular field, you can use your knowledge and experience to write articles for that field. For instance, if you are a dietitian, then you can share invaluable information with others by writing articles about the diet dos and don'ts. You don't have to have professional expertise to write an article. Articles can be written based on your personal experience as well.

You may have visited a foreign country and had some bizarre experience there or you could share some travel tips with people who want to travel to that country. Many people are tempted to write about their individual hobbies such as painting and gardening. To self-publish your articles, you first need to create the text. Choose the materials, depending on the topic you want to write about. For instance, if your topic is health and fitness, you may want to create an e-book with lots of pictures. For topics related to childcare, you can choose to write a series of articles. You can also create pamphlets that provide information on childcare.

There are a number of companies that can assist you to self-publish your pamphlets or e-books on the Internet. You can also create your own website to publish your work and make a profit on e-book sales.

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