Two Great Tools for Training and Marketing

When hiring, you'll likely be able to find an employee who has the computer skills you want. However, training them on proprietary software could be an issue. If you don't have the staff, it can take time to instruct people to navigate the program they're unfamiliar with.

That's where screen shot and screen cam software come in. Screenshot software will allow you to take a “snapshot” of your software, save it as a picture and insert it directly into a printed document… thereby letting you create a very practical user's manual that is more useful than one that says: “at the top of the screen beside the company name you'll find a menu of three choices”… it lets you show them.

And screen cam software is even better: Screen cam software lets you record what is on your screen so that someone else can watch and learn. They'll see the mouse move to the appropriate place and click it and they'll see what happens next. You can add a voice to guide them as they go. In this way, you'll have a great interactive training manual that can show your employee how to use your software.

Two great free programs for your computer:

For screen cams, check out Wink which is a free program that records in flash, will also record your voice for voiceovers, and does screenshots, too:

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