Waiting for Profits

Avid gamers lined up for days — yes days — in order to pay $600 for a brand new PlayStation 3 (which was released in a limited shipment to North America earlier this month).


In an interesting move by PlayStation's creator, Sony, they released the product in various stages around the world: November 17th in North America… not until spring next year for release in Europe!

As a result, ambitious entrepreneurs waited in line, alongside the gamers, to pay $600 and then resell them on eBay to European gamers for much, much more. Although rumors were flying around that the most paid was $15,000, I've only been able to see about $3000 as the standard resale price.

Not being a gamer myself, I would have a hard time standing in line for several days just to buy a $600 game system. However, as an entrepreneur, a $2400 profit for standing around for a couple days sounds pretty good to me.