4 Tips for Finding a Good Business Location

Location is everything when starting a business. Explore the primary factors that influence success when looking for places to start a business.

Small business owners need to save money on overhead as much as possible. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by selecting an affordable business location. However, the best places to start a business are not always the cheapest. In addition, deciding where to start a business can ultimately impact overall profits. This is one of the most important decisions a small business owner will make.


The location of your competitors’ establishments may have a significant impact when choosing the best places to start a business. Two doughnut shops located right across the street from one another will experience significant difficulties when attempting to attract and retain customers. The first step in exploring places to start a business is to research the competition in your local area. Positioning the business in an area where competition is sparse might be a good starting tactic.


The next step in finding places to start a business is understanding your customer base. A business that caters to rural customers, such as a farm supply company or western store, is likely to fail if it is located on a busy street in a downtown strip mall. Likewise a designer fashion shop isn’t likely to succeed if it is located at the intersection of two remote country roads. Finding a location that is easily accessible to the core customer base is important when determining where to start a business.


Traffic is one of the primary factors that can impact business operations. For dining establishments and retailers, high traffic areas are generally the best places to start a business. However, a daycare center or dance studio that caters to children will be more effective if placed in an area with less car and foot traffic because of safety issues. The nature of your products and services will influence where to start a business tremendously.

Building Aesthetics

The actual condition and appearance of the building is part of the overall image of your organization. An interior design company or cell phone retailer would struggle to attract customers if it is located inside of a building with outdated features. Likewise, a landscaping company located in a strip mall that is surrounded by concrete would struggle to showcase talents and products outside the building. Deciding where to start a business should also be determined by the condition of the property available and its relationship to the industry.

Some of the best places to start a business are hidden gems. You must approach each property with a discerning eye and the ability to predict what the building might look like if some strategic changes or creative design tactics were applied to it. While you may incur build-out costs, the savings you enjoy in commercial rent may be equivalent to starting in a place that already has the perfect aesthetic appeal. It may be helpful to enlist the help of an artistic employee or consultant that has the ability to visualize the location’s potential.

Choosing where to start a business will have a drastic impact on the overall success of the venture. With careful consideration, you can choose a location that will help your endeavor flourish.

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