Why Are Small Businesses Making the Transition to Digital In 2020?

More than 85% of buyers look for a product online before making their buying decision. The digital transition market for business is huge.
digital transition market

It has always been a hard road for small businesses to compete against large business giants. After the digital market concept and seeing how the young generations are engrossed with it, small businesses have found a new landmark of equal footing to compete with large businesses. 

To understand digital marketing’s effect in the 21st century, we first need to go through the statistics. And we can assure you that the statistical result will be enough to convince the positive impact of digital marketing in small businesses.

According to Retail Dive, more than 85% of the buyers look for any product online before making their buying decision. Think about that number – 85%, that’s massive! This percentage here itself says why you should invest in digital marketing.

Why are Small Businesses Going Digital?

The small businesses’ reasons to shift their focus on the digital platform are the number of customers they can get online. However, there are other reasons as well that have made the small business go with the digital approach. To learn more, visit trustpedia.io.

You Will Learn More About the Needs of Customer

With the low budget, it has been challenging for small businesses to engage with their audiences and convert potential audiences into customers. To do so, small businesses first need to understand what their audiences need from businesses.

Effective digital marketing helps small businesses to identify their audience’s online behavior. It is essential for small businesses to know their audiences to deliver the best services more efficiently.

Tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush, and SurveyMonkey can help you find out about your ideal customers and what they are up to. This way, you will be able to formulate a plan to target your audiences.

Multiple Options to Boost Conversion

The one thing digital marketing helps you with is that it opens up multiple paths for you to make conversions. Just think about it, your customers are everywhere. You just need the right medium to reach out to every customer. That’s where digital marketing comes into action. It secures multiple paths for the customers that lead towards you.

Digital marketing has influenced every field you can imagine. Even the trade market is mostly accessed via digital platforms. This is the reason you will see traders having a debate over stocks versus cryptocurrencies.

Digital Marketing Levels the Playing Field

Digital marketing never demands that small businesses need to have a high budget to use every marketing tool. Sure, some tools are expensive, but not as expensive as creating a 10m by 10m banner advertisement.

And while you are working with the SEO, you just need to have a clear idea about your buyer persona. This will suffix your lack of tools.

The great thing about digital marketing is that with creativity, you can win anyone’s heart. You do not need a high budget for that. There have been cases where small businesses could get the best out of the social media campaigns than the large-scale businesses that have invested millions on video production.


Traditional marketing tactics are quite expensive. Small businesses cannot afford to pay for TV ads, billboard ads, poster ads, or a radio broadcast. If you see it in this way, you will find that digital marketing is affordable for any business scale.

So, how affordable is Digital marketing compared to traditional marketing?

To understand this, let’s start with the basics. Take social media marketing and email marketing. In 2015, email marketing only asked to invest $1 to get back $30 worth of leads, which is relatively low, if you compare with the TV ads (>$800) and radio broadcast (>$600).

We are now moving forward to the website. Free and organic SEO work the best to bring organic leads to your website.


There are many things that you can learn from digital marketing. We have enumerated the most used techniques of digital marketing. The more you go deeper into digital marketing, the more you will be aware of its potential.

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