Why Your Business Needs to Save Money On Its Overseas Travel Expenses

It's very easy to hop on to a plane. However, the one important aspect of global business travel that should never be overlooked is how you fund it.
overseas travel expenses

Traveling overseas is an integral part of any global business’s functioning. The thing about overseas travel is that it has become very easy to hop on to a plane and head to any part of the world. However, the one important aspect of global business travel that should never be overlooked is how you fund it.

This is because, with a plethora of international money transfer companies offering competitive money transfer terms, it makes a lot of sense to save money where possible. For instance, if your business requires your employees to travel frequently to Mexico, it would be wise to find out what the best way to send money to Mexico is.

You can easily carry out your research about various money transfer companies and identify the one that fits your needs. However, the key indicator in making your choice is the cost of an international money transfer.

How to Determine The True Cost Of An International Money Transfer

International money transfer companies have two principal ways of making money. They can do so by levying a transaction fee or by offering you a poor exchange rate for the money you transfer. There will be companies who might charge someone a low or zero transaction fee and rip them off by offering them a poor exchange rate This is something that a business needs to watch out for. A good exchange rate is one which is close to the mid-market rate or higher than that. Another cost that one has to watch out for is the one that may be charged to the person that the international money transfer is made. This needs to be added to the cost as well.

Saving Money on Airline Tickets

A business can save a fair amount of money by the simple expedient of booking airline tickets in advance, so as to avail of the discounts that one can obtain by doing so. Also, since the main purpose of business travel is to get from one place to another one should not pay a premium on account of flying your employees by business class. The cost of a business class ticket could easily cover the cost of several economy class ones. All such decisions ultimately impact the costs of running your business and if you learn to cut these down, you will only be enhancing your bottom line.

Figure Out The Cheapest Way of Communicating

Despite all the advances made in communications, one still needs to be watchful about how one communicates abroad. You need to have a handle on the tariff plans applicable with regard to any calling or online surfing that you might be doing while traveling abroad. It makes very good sense to call the service provider before and find out about such matters before embarking upon a journey abroad.

Check Out What Kind of Loyalty Reward Programs Hotels Offer

People traveling abroad on official work often rack up huge expenses. The best way to get around this is to find out what kind of loyalty rewards programs the hotels in question offer to frequent flyers. One should make it a point to check about such offers as these can make a substantial difference to expenses incurred upon a business trip.


While business travel is an integral part of many businesses, one should not allow it to become a major source of ballooning expenditure. With a little bit of planning and attention to detail, one can substantially reduce a business’s overseas travel expenditure and thereby enhance profitability. Every so often, a business pays more attention to the production and marketing process than it does to things like travel expenditure. That can result in a rising travel expenditure bill leading to falling profitability over the long run. This needs to be arrested as soon as possible if a business does not want to see its bottom line and future growth prospects impacted negatively.

If business travel becomes a source of unending expenses, it will lose its efficacy and one will think many times before sanctioning a business trip. That would indeed be a pity, especially if one knows that there is a major market for one’s goods and services abroad. Instead, one could do some judicious planning and put the right kind of systems and operating procedures in place and limit the amount of expenditure incurred on such trips to reasonable levels. This would help in the overall enhancement of the profitability of a business, which is the very reason for its existence.

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