Let Your Copy Do the Selling

The following sales copy tips will guide you on how to let your copy do the selling.

Identify the Client Profile That You Plan To Target

The style of your sales copy can only be determined once you have correctly identified your target audience.

You can conduct research based on the type of product and services that you plan to provide. Once you have identified your target audience, you can then plan your sales copy style accordingly to generate maximum interest.

This will ensure that your sales copy hits its mark – and converts.

Deliver the First Punch With a Killer Headline

The right headline can set a lot of mental and physical actions into motion. It will activate the interest of the reader and compel him or her to read the entire sales page.

It can also force the reader to think and visualize you, your business and your products. Keep your headline short, simple to understand and relevant to your products and services.

It must also relate to prospects and their needs and wants.

Do not write a fancy headline just for the sake of titillating your target audience. If you do this, the reader will soon lose interest, especially if there is no relevant information inside.

Start Your Sales Copy With Your Company History and Move to Your Products

You can start your sales copy with a brief history of your company. This will paint a picture of trust in your prospects’ minds.

You can then verbally explain some of your products. If your sales copy is about a particular product, then you can directly start pointing out the benefits and features of your products to your prospective customers.

If you have a special offer for that product, then highlight the offer in bold fonts or different colors.

Use Emotions to Sell

Use emotions such as love, trust, security or even fear to sell your products and services. Ideally, they will be linked with the positive features of your products.

By linking the features with the appropriate emotions, you will enable the reader to visualize the benefits and buy your products. Major brands have been using this formula for ages – and you can also successfully use this method to your advantage.

Don’t be robotic or mechanical in your writing style; instead, use your creativity to explain features and benefits clearly to your audience.

Add Testimonials

When you have satisfied clients to vouch for your products and services, then it makes good sense to incorporate their comments in your sales copy.

Be sure to mention the client’s name, address and email address in your sales copy; but before that, make sure to inform or ask your client first in order to get the required approval.

If your client will agree to you using their picture, even better.

Cite Your Unique Selling Point [USP]

If you have an edge over your competition, such as faster service or reduced price, then blow that trumpet. Highlight your USP, so that more readers are impressed and veer towards your business with their orders.

Your small business sales copy should start with an eye-catching punch line and should be followed by high-quality content that attracts, fascinates and finally compels your readers to buy your products and services.

By following these effective copy writing steps above, you will ensure that your sales copy turns into a potent selling tool.