19-Year Old Strolls to Wealth on Ebay

If you don't have Entrepreneur.com bookmarked, you should. It's a fantastic resource for… entrepreneurs.

Recently they reported an interesting story at:


They report about a 19-year old kid who made a lot of money on eBay ($30,000 in one month alone) by selling strollers.

I admit, I thought eBay's ship had sailed. Lots of people are selling on eBay and the big companies have moved in and (I felt) were slowly eroding the “little guy.” I knew there was still some opportunity left but this article surprised me.

Now I'm re-evaluating my position. After all, this kid is 19-years old and has no marketing experience.

What's his secret? He sells a good product to a specific niche. He literally became an expert in that niche before branching out into other niches.

That's a smart business move.

He does on eBay what every business owner should do.

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