3 Ways to Make Your Newsletter More Valuable to the Reader

If you are investing a great deal of time and money in your organization’s newsletter, it’s important that the content within provides value for your readers. A newsletter is a great way to provide updates and feedback to individuals with a stake in your organization. They are good informational tools for both employees and customers. How can you make a newsletter that provides depth and value for readers? Here are three ways to enhance your newsletter and keep it fresh.

Solicit questions from the readers and publish responses every month

This is one of the easiest ways to foster loyalty and interest from the readership. Post questions or topics for discussion in every issue, and provide a way for readers to respond or ask questions via email. Make sure to include some of the responses from readers in the following issue, complete with constructive feedback. Readers who feel they have a voice and that their opinion matters will keep coming back again and again. In addition, because you will be responding to issues that are important to your readers, they will be more likely to encourage others to read the newsletter.

Use a design and template that is fresh and appealing

Nobody wants to look at a boring page filled from top to bottom with text. Make sure that you include some graphics and formatting in your newsletter that will be appealing to the eye. Avoid excessively long articles that are likely to lose readers’ interests. As a general rule, articles in a newsletter should stay in the 500-800 word range. Keep them concise and don’t be afraid to break up the text with bulleted lists, numbered lists, and bold headings. Update your newsletter design regularly to keep it current with the trends in your industry.

Distribute the newsletter in a variety of ways

Readers like to get their information in a variety of ways. Some people like to read .pdf files online in order to minimize paper waste. Others might like a paper document that they can take with them and read at their leisure. Some may opt to receive the newsletter via email while others may want it delivered in the mail. Be sensitive to the needs of readers and go out of your way to meet their personal preferences.

A newsletter can be an effective tool for your small business, but make sure you are implementing the right strategies to make it valuable.

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