How to Strengthen Your Twitter Fans

Twitter is valuable social media and marketing tool. If you’ve recently joined in on the fun, you may notice that it’s not so easy to attract a large fan base. However, the more fans you have on Twitter, the higher your page is ranked. It’s important to develop a sizeable following if you want this site to have a positive impact on your business. Here are some ways that you can strengthen your Twitter fan base:

Use your existing client base. With Twitter, you can actually import a list of email addresses from an existing archive to see who in your client base is already using Twitter. This will help you determine potential additions to your Twitter fan base. Chances are that if someone has already used your products and services before, they might have an interest in following your business on Twitter. This is easy to do with standard programs like Microsoft Excel or an address book from an email account from Yahoo, Gmail, and any other major provider.

Set up a targeted email campaign. You can identify people who already have Twitter with your existing archive of email addresses. In addition, you can invite those who don’t have an account set up on Twitter to join in on the fun. This is a great way to extend an invitation to those who may not yet be involved with social media. Because you are taking the addresses from your existing archive, chances are that these current and former customers will want to follow your business on Twitter.

Perform a search to identify potential local customers. Twitter will allow you to search existing users that already have accounts set up. If you perform a search based on location, it will be easy to find people in your area that might have an interest in your products or services. You can invite individuals who are in the proximity of your business to check out your Twitter page and look for exciting new offers. This is an excellent tool because you won’t waste time and energy on large-scale campaigns that aren’t likely to be effective outside a certain radius of your business location.

These simple techniques will help you generate more viral attention for your business.

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