4 Easy Customer Service Techniques To Grow and Retain Customers

Do your customers return to your store again and again? Or are you dependent on new customers for each sale? Many small businesses are successful because of how they treat customers and present their products to them. In many instances, the ultimate success of a small business depends on growing a customer base and a reputation of quality.

Many small business owners translate customer service strictly as the one-on-one interaction between business employees and customers. In fact, customer service is any act that helps a customer feel welcome and helps them trust a business. Here are four important yet easy customer service techniques that work time and time again to impress customers.

1. Make Your Store Sparkle

Your retail or office space should be not just be presentable, but it should sparkle and shine. A customer likes to shop in a clean place or do business in a comfortable office. Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or sell insurance, be sure you spend the time cleaning your place of business so customers can relax and enjoy their experience.

If your store is strictly online, make sure you perform regular evaluations of the appearance of your website. Trends change rapidly online, and you want to ensure your website continues to be relevant.

2. Get Creative With Your Displays

Have you ever walked into a convenience store, instantly confused about where to find the thing you need? Take the effort to display your items in a logical and easy-to-find fashion. You might consider avoiding plain, gray, metal shelves and opting for a fully customized stained wood setup you build yourself. Or, hire a professional interior designer for your office space. Customers like creativity – as long as it is not confusing to the buying process.

The same holds true for your online shop. Make sure your shop navigation is easy to understand, and that there are multiple ways for customers to find what they need, whether it is a search feature or categorical browsing options.

3. Anticipate Your Customers

If you’ve been in business long enough, you are aware of customer patterns. For instance, certain products may sell more during the holidays. Or, you may sell more tanning booth memberships in the spring. Learn to anticipate what your customers will need, and respond pro-actively to meet them.

Whether you have a brick and mortar or online shop, you can take advantage of buying trends by offering enticing sales and deals no customer in the shopping mood can refuse.

4. Be Thankful

Always be thankful to your customers. This is the one-on-one interaction that never gets old. When customers know they are appreciated, they will return again and again. Make the effort to extend your thanks to customers, both face-to-face and through written media such as email or newsletters.

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