4 Tips for Choosing a New Online Business Name

What’s in a name? While Juliet may believe that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, in the internet world, your domain name dictates whether you smell success or failures. The name you choose can have a tremendous impact on your SEO, marketing strategy, and attracting potential leads and customers to your website.

Here are some tips to make sure that your domain name smells the sweetness of success:

  1. Keep it Short

    In domaineering, there is but one mantra: the shorter, the better. The shorter the domain name, the more easily it will be remembered, and the less likely the URL will be mistyped. Ultimately, the business name you choose must be easy for customers to enter into their URL field or perform a search.

    Names that are too long are difficult to type into a browser, and the longer the name, the less likely your visitor will remember just what your URL is.

  2. Make it Easy to Spell

    Many business names are difficult to spell, especially when a unique surname is used as part of the business. For instance, remembering a name like Lamasakama Pharmaceuticals is nearly impossible, much less remembering how to spell it. Be sure your potential clients have an easy time spelling your name.

    In addition, you don’t want to utilize words that have more than one spelling in your domain name.

  3. Research Availability Online

    After brainstorming a few potential business names, you may find the perfect one. Alas, once you research it online, you will most likely find it is taken in the most common domains (.com or .net).

    Be sure you brainstorm a few dozen names, and then get online to a site such as GoDaddy.com, where you can enter each name to find out if the domain is available. Even if a name is taken, try using hyphens (i.e. Davis-Associates.com rather than DavisAssociates.com)

  4. Register it Quickly!

    Once you find which ones of your list are available domains, register it quickly. It may not be available tomorrow. Have your credit card available so you can quickly register it for a low fee and park it for when you can upload your website files.

Indeed, there is much in a name when it comes to domain names online!