Is Google Adwords Right For Your Small Business?

Pay per click still remains one of the cornerstones of internet marketing. Considering that more than 60% of all searches are conducted through Google, it is no surprise that Google Adwords generates more than $21 billion each year for the company. However, how much money can Google Adwords generate for your business?

Understanding Google Adwords

You most likely see Google Adwords almost everywhere you go on the internet. Whenever you perform a search through Google, the results page will show a “Sponsored Links” above and just beside your list of results. These links are paid links from advertisers who want to attract business through the keywords you use.

You may also see Google Adwords on many business or even personal websites. A small “Sponsored Links” section may appear somewhere in the navigation or in the middle of a blog post or article.

How to Advertise with Google Adwords

To put your business into the pay per click running, you must set up an account with Google Adwords. A small one-time setup fee of $5 is charged, but the best part of utilizing pay per click advertising is that in the big picture, you don’t pay unless your advertisement is clicked by a potential lead.

How much do you pay per click? That depends on a number of factors. One major factor is the keywords you choose. Many popular keywords are in high demand, and businesses will pay top dollar to get their ads seen when certain keywords are searched. One extreme is the stock trading and financial planning industry, where it is not uncommon to see brokerages paying $50 or more per click. On the other end of the spectrum are keywords with minimum competition, which means you can secure clicks for just pennies.

Another factor that influences PPC cost is bidding. You can determine how much you want to pay for a certain keyword based on what other businesses are paying for it. Again, you must choose your bids carefully and make sure you meet your click-through sales goals for each pay per click expense.

Does Google Adwords Work?

One of the major benefits of pay per click with Google Adwords is that you can utilize metrics to gauge how well your pay per click campaign is working. You can view real-time results of how many ads are being posted, how many are clicked, and how many convert into actual sales.

In the end, the advice we give to you is this: Google Adwords can work. However, you must have a plan, set the plan into motion, gauge and monitor your campaign as it progresses, and make changes to improve your results. If you have the patience and discipline to enact this strategy and monitor your performance carefully, then yes, Google Adwords can be successful for your small business.

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