Leveraging the Power of Online Surveys

Leveraging the Power of Online Surveys

Surveys have been used for decades to find out what customers expect and want. Each one of us has been called by a surveyor at some point in our lives, or received a mailer, which needed to be filled out and mailed in.

But now with the development of technology, surveys have become easier — and your small business can and should take advantage of the benefits that they offer.

  1. Less Expensive — The best thing about online surveys is that when compared to traditional surveys, like telephone surveys, they are much cheaper. The cost of online surveys is only a tenth of traditional surveys, and only 20% of the cost of traditional mailer surveys.

  2. Online surveys are great to find out why people prefer your website or product. You can also get details of why people do or do not buy your products and other useful information. Through an online survey, you can also find out who is visiting your website – with this information you can make your website more attractive to prospective customers.

  3. Better than website feedback forms — Online surveys are better than website feedback forms, because website feedback forms mostly attract people who are unhappy with the product or service your website is offering. This makes the feedback form nothing more than a grievance or complaint box. An online survey gives you a better perspective on your customers' mindset than feedback forms.

  4. Convenience — There are some online survey sites that allow you to conduct online surveys for free as a trial offer. This way you get to ask 100 people 10 questions regarding your product, service or website. Based on the responses, you can decide whether or not online surveys are suitable for your business.

Using online surveys isn't just quick and easy. When it comes to useable information about your market, product or service, it's also smart.

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