5 Advantages of Virtual Trade Shows

In a recent post, we discussed your options and strategies for your business to attend trade shows in 2011. Trade shows can have enormous paybacks for your company by making the right contacts, finding new market segments, and simply selling more products. However, attending and displaying at a trade show can be expensive. Why not consider virtual trade shows in 2011?

Here are five good reasons why virtual trade shows may be your answer to save money on your marketing budget.

  1. Save money on exhibit displays

    Creating professional exhibit material takes time and money. The best exhibits are created by professional designers. The cost of this service, plus the cost of materials, along the cost of transporting those materials (and the hefty fees the union workers at the convention center charge), are all eliminated through virtual trade shows.

    The good news is that virtual displays are already built for you through virtual trade show sponsors. Choose from a variety of themes where you can share your business products or services, show videos, display catalogues, and gather customer information.

  2. Save money on travel

    Whether you go alone or with your marketing team, travel is a high cost of attending trade shows. Eliminate the high cost of hotels, transportation, and food with a virtual trade show.

  3. Virtual trade shows are interactive

    Just because you’re not there in person doesn’t mean you don’t get to interact with other attendees. Virtual trade show technology allows attendees to display exhibits, visit other exhibits, attend seminars and keynote speeches, and even chat or talk live to other attendees. Swap electronic business cards with a keystroke and save that data instantly in your database.

  4. Expands your trade show options

    Now you don’t have to pick just a few of the many trade shows you would like your business to attend. With virtual trade shows, you have the opportunity to join trade shows in related industries. Explore new markets, and take a look at non-traditional trade shows from which you would normally shy away due to the prohibitive costs.

  5. Go Global

    One of the best features of virtual trade shows is that it allows you to go global easily. Get your product shown in front of a worldwide customer base without the extreme cost of attending trade shows overseas.

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