5 Best Instagram Marketing Tools to Use for Success

Marketing your business on Instagram can help you reach your prospects and customers. Here are the 5 best Instagram marketing tools we found.
instagram marketing tools

Marketing your business on Instagram can help you reach your prospects and customers. Here are the 5 best Instagram marketing tools we found.

Instagram’s changing algorithm possesses heavy challenges for its users to shine on the platform. The application is loved and is in wide use for a long time now. Almost a billion people end up using the app every month! 

However, marketing on Instagram can look like taxing work if you don’t have the right tools in your armor. Thus, to gain more engagement on Instagram and to get more followers on Instagram, one should consider Instagram marketing tools. Additionally, a social network api can also be very useful.

The Best Instagram Marketing Tools

In this article, we will focus on the five best Instagram marketing tools that will get you to the runway of success!

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management tool where various social media platforms’ networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn integrate. It monitors social media, helps in promotion as well as engagement. It concentrates on Instagram scheduling that will help you detect the suitable publishing time for your posts on Instagram and it also allows you to see a preview. 

As Hootsuite supports other social media platforms, it is easy to cross-promote your Instagram across various other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Hootsuite also allows you to add streams for hashtags and your posts on Instagram and monitors messages and replies over social media platforms.

The tempting offer that Hootsuite provides is the limited but free plan for social profiles with 30 scheduled messages. Sometimes, this works enough for a lot of users. Others can opt for their paid plan which starts at a very reasonable rate.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a software application that is available on both the web and mobile. The design is such that it can manage accounts in social networks, by providing the means for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It provides a very strong stand on the publishing of your Instagram content by scheduling posts. On top of that with the help of Buffer, you can also review your posts. 

It is a crucial step in social media marketing as it tells you if the methods you are using are making a change for your account or not. Buffer gives you insights about impressions, engagements, clicks, and various other aspects on Instagram. Link shortening and bulk upload are some features of Buffer.

Furthermore, this tool is a good investment for businesses that run on Instagram because it can be accessed by 25 people. Thus, one can effortlessly distribute the social media work among team members and assign them specific access levels. The paid plans also offer a seven-day or fourteen-day trial period for Buffer users, so you can very well determine if this is the marketing tool you are looking for!

3. Awario

Staying aware of your audience on Instagram is an essential part of growing on the platform. It is where Awario bridges the gap and helps you determine your audience’s taste, interest and feedback. Awario is the social media marketing tool that helps you monitor your business or profile’s mention or related keywords across the web. 

It helps you realize which group of people are talking positively and which group of people are talking negatively about your Instagram profile. It works in terms of location and language to help you discover the positive and right audience that you need to grow your Instagram using some of the best Instagram growth services. It notifies you about your reach and detects your competition on the platform.

Awario offers a free trial period of fourteen-days for its users before charging for their services. Thus, it lets you understand its use and benefits hands-on, which is an opportunity which you should not miss.

4. Tailwind

As Instagram is a visually active platform, Tailwind is one app that seems almost tailor-made for it. Like all other instagram marketing tools, Tailwind focuses on scheduling your Instagram post. However, that is not all. This app offers impressive analytics functionality like profile metrics, virality, engagement norms, and standards and trend reporting. 

As Tailwind is an official Instagram partner, it allows you to get direct posting to Instagram with business profiles. It also comes with a Google Chrome extension that is essential for regramming. With the help of Tailwind, you can get hashtag recommendations and hashtag lists which helps you form a more reachable post. 

However, the paid plans under Tailwind are quite expensive when compared to other social media marketing tools. But simultaneously, it offers a free unlimited plan that comes with handy functionality.

5. Plann

As the name suggests, Plann looks like the perfect plan to take your Instagram forward and gain significant followers and reach. The uniqueness of this social media marketing tool is because it lets the user design, edit, schedule, and analyze their posts. Social media marketing tools integrated with a design tool are rare. Thus, Plann is the all-in-one choice for you.  It intimates you about the peak time to make a post, recommends relevant hashtags, and reports you about the best performing color scheme on your posts.

There is a free plan but opting for the paid plan means yielding higher results. More so, when the paid plans are of reasonable price.

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The array of tools you can use for your Instagram marketing is far and wide. However, you need to pick one that fits your budget and works in sync with your account’s content.

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