5 Effective Comms Methods That Foster Business-to-Customer Relations

Maintaining the business-to-customer connection is as important as the quality of goods and services you offer. Here's how to stay in touch.
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Maintaining the business-to-customer connection is as important as the quality of goods and services you offer. It’s the key ingredient for a lasting relationship with your existing customers and potentially goads new clients. But at this time, the intervention of digital methods as the means for communication is more effective, which most people prefer. Hence, as an owner, adhering to their desired way is vital.

Today, as you embark on telecommunication, remember that it’s still about you and your customer; however, utilizing the digital platforms. It entails the widening of your business parameter as more people now have access to the internet and mobile phones. Now that your business experiences a paradigm shift, we’ll assist you with your transition by providing effective telecommunication methods.

1.   Text Messaging

Nowadays, almost all people have cellular phones. They usually spend almost two hours and 55 minutes on a daily basis on these devices. By looking at the time frame, it’s easier for them to notice notifications on their mobile phones. Through this behavior, businesses can utilize notifications that are convenient texting for businesses and other relevant info that a customer or a potential client needs.

As the primary channel for communication, text messaging provides a vast array of benefits to both business and consumers. People can easily set or reschedule an appointment, receive updates, and ask business-related queries. Meanwhile, your business can smoothly track the transactions and affairs necessary for record-keeping. Nevertheless, this method is by far the most effective and efficient way of connecting with customers.

2.   E-mail

The e-mail (electronic mail) is an online-messaging platform that aims to send notices to consumers. Usually, firms have a business-e-mail address to connect with the clients wherein the clients can respond, too. Similar to the purpose of text messaging, this telecommunication method is one of the best ways to maintain the business-to-communication relationship.

Since it’s done on the internet, it’s essential to have a quick-response staff to respond to customer’s inquiries because there can be a possibility of emails being unnoticed due to mismanagement. Therefore, providing excellent customer service gives wow to the consumers for your business’ efficiency. Perhaps, your clients can recommend your firm to their friends or family as well.

3.   Active Social-media Platforms: Facebook and Twitter

Regardless of age-young, teenagers, and oldies-you should expect that they have their social media account. While there are many social media platforms online, three of the most-used and widely-popular social media are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms have gained their utmost popularity during the recent years and until now because they vastly cover billions of people worldwide.


Facebook is a social media site where there are 2.7 billion active users, across all ages, and most of the population typically uses it for business transactions. In fact, they recently launched an improved business-service platform for big and small businesses. It includes premade business templates, an automated response on messenger, and secure information and purchasing.


Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app with 1 billion monthly users and 500 million daily users. This social media highlights pictures on the wall, which Instagram users can take a look at. Further, it’s an avenue for your business to showcase your products by posting photos and including some details. With that said, your consumers can follow your businesses’ whereabouts, updates, and new products.


Twitter is a social media site that is popular with the younger generation. With over 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, 145 million are daily users, and 330 million are monthly users. Considering a large number of users, it’s the perfect spectacle for promoting your business. Further, it has a more specific feature that can be easily accessed with anybody.

4.   Email Newsletters

Indeed, keeping in touch with your business stakeholders is essential for your business growth, and one way of keeping them updated is through email newsletters. Businesses send email newsletters to the existing and potential customers who have permitted the firm to send regular newsletters as part of the subscription.

Furthermore, email newsletters, similar to the traditional and tangible newsletters, contain news, updates, and best-deal offers that the company currently has. This way, you were able to nurture your connection with your clients. Also, it creates a direct link to your website and related social media accounts in just one click.

5.   Blogging

Regularly writing quality content for your business’ blog can receive numerous readerships from current and future clients. It’s also essential to have competent content writers because they can effectively highlight the products and services you offer.

Having a blog site for your business maintains the connection between the consumers. It also allows the current clients to comment and ask regarding the products and services. Moreover, it can enhance your marketing efforts and attract the customers you are eyeing. It is also a cheap method for your business to drive traffic to your site.


Today, using telecommunication methods to strengthen your business-to-customer connection is a manifestation of adapting to the new business realm trends. Now that you embark with it, it widens your business’s scope, including the consumers you didn’t expect. Nevertheless, the above mentioned telecommunication methods are just some of the effective ways to keep in touch with them.

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