5 TikTok Content Ideas For Real Estate Agents

tiktok for real estate agents

So you run a real estate business and you want to get to grips with barnstorming social media platform TikTok, but you’re struggling to come up with concepts for content that connect with your audience?

Don’t fret, as there are all sorts of options out there which will catapult your TikTok presence into the stratosphere, or at least make your output more consistent and easy to manage.

Here are just a handful of ideas for real estate content that’s fit for this platform to influence and inspire your own efforts going forward.

Target First Time Buyers With Informative Videos

If you want to use TikTok to grow your real estate business, it’s important to recognize that it attracts a younger demographic than the likes of Facebook and even Instagram.

The upshot is that you’re more likely to gain traction with people who are just getting onto the property ladder for the first time, rather than those who have already been homeowners for a while.

The result is that you’ll strike a chord if you offer advice-driven clips which give first timers the guidance they need to navigate the often taxing process of buying property.

It’s a wise move to split the main tips you have over several videos, and also to respond to the feedback you receive after you’ve published them. So if your followers ask questions off the back of an earlier post, creating a reply which is available to everyone will show how engaged you are.

This is also a great way to perpetuate content creation in the long term, and also to establish yourself as an expert in the real estate market, rather than someone who’s simply playing at being an authority figure.

Jazz Up Virtual Tours With TikTok-Friendly Compartmentalization & Editing

To maximize the impact of your TikTok presence, you really need to immerse yourself in the stylistic trends which define the look and feel of other videos on the platform.

One thing you’ll notice is that not only are the clips short-form and edited in a staccato way, but that they also benefit from being broken down into bite-sized segments more so than in other contexts.

So for example, say you’ve recorded a walkthrough tour of a home that you’re selling for a client. It makes sense to upload the entire clip to YouTube, and then take the time to break it down into smaller segments for TikTok.

This ties in with the idea of building anticipation through teasers, and only revealing certain portions of a property after a set amount of time has passed, or a particular number of likes have been achieved.

TikTok makes it easy to add music and alter the speed of playback, so don’t be scared to experiment with editing tools at this point as well.

Speak About Your Career & Experiences

Another popular format for TikTok content is to have a creator talk directly to their audience regarding their own lives, whether about professional or personal matters.

Real estate agents will all have stories to tell which are intriguing to non-experts and industry insiders alike, so recording your best anecdotes and putting them out there for all to see works wonders.

Obviously it helps if the story is concise and has a punchy ending, as well as a lesson for the audience to take away. Try out your anecdotes on colleagues, friends and family if you’re not sure which will make the best candidates for broader consumption.

Perhaps there’s a house viewing that became a disaster. Perhaps there was a property transaction that faltered in the final hours, only to be saved from the brink by something you did. The juicier the tale, the more it will connect.

Include Clients On Moving Day

You might find that your clients are willing to appear in your TikToks, especially if it’s part of their moving-in process, so ask their permission to record the hand-over moment when the keys to their new home are placed in their hands.

Audiences are always super engaged with emotional content, so long as it isn’t manipulative or overly schmaltzy. And remember that not every client will be happy with this arrangement, so talk to them about it in advance, rather than springing it on them unexpectedly.

Chart Your Day In Real Estate

Another thing that fascinates people is seeing how others handle their daily routine, and real estate agents have a lot to offer in this regard.

Start off with a day-in-the-life clip and don’t forget to cover aspects of your schedule that aren’t just associated with your job, whether that’s meals out with your partner, gym visits with friends, or anything else!

The Bottom Line

TikTok is ideal for mining every aspect of your job as a real estate agent for content, and so it pays to keep things fresh and document everything you can to keep the momentum going on this platform.

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