6 Effective Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Exceptional

Here are 6 direct mail ideas that can help you generate more qualified leads from your campaigns and make your messages exceptional.
direct mail ideas

Most marketers overlook direct mail. They prefer internet marketing, not knowing that direct mail can be more effective than email. Here are 6 direct mail ideas that can help you generate more qualified leads from your campaigns.

Direct Mail ideas

We would not advise you to rely only on one marketing method. Combining both online and offline marketing solutions can boost the response rate for both techniques.

If you’re planning to launch a direct mail campaign, you need to apply ways to optimize results.

You need to target quality leads, create a compelling offer as well as eye-catching marketing materials. Remember, you have very few seconds to grab your recipients’ attention, so make good use of them.

Let’s get started:

1. Postcards

Postcards are an effective marketing tool. They provide a cheaper alternative to other direct mail tactics and can stand out in the pile of other mails.

Postcard marketing can lower your direct mail costs. You don’t need to purchase envelopes or fill them with your marketing content or letters.

Compared to other forms of mail, postcards are lighter. They also allow you to save on mailing label costs as they have the names and addresses printed on them.

Despite being affordable, there are many direct mail proponents and marketers that prefer using postcards over any other form of direct mail.

Postcards are attention-grabbing, allowing your creative design and marketing message to be displayed immediately.  Recipients won’t even need to open an envelope to get your message.

2. Lumpy Envelopes

If you want your direct mail to intrigue and create a sense of suspense to your recipients, you might consider using lumpy envelopes. Recipients will surely want to open the mail when they notice the lump.

Lumpy envelopes will not only create intrigue but also encourage people to open your mail over others. This way, recipients will focus more on your marketing message, instead of being the last in a long tail of letters.

As with other marketing campaigns, you’ll need to balance cost with effectiveness. Fortunately, you can get cost-effective envelopes for sending marketing mailers. You don’t have to spend much on promotional products to be effective.

Some people use folded collection bags and place them in envelopes. These are inexpensive and functional too. These bags take up room and intrigue recipients to open them.

However, be sure to use beneficial items to create a lump. Otherwise, it might disappoint your recipients and thus hamper conversion rates.

3. 3D Packaging

One form of a 3D mail is lumpy envelopes. Regular envelopes with a paper letter inside have width and length but have no depth. Increasing the depth of your mail packaging will boost the impact of your marketing materials.

3D packaging will, however, cost you significantly more than a standard envelope. Postage and delivery costs will also be higher considering their weight and increased dimensions. Consider all these things to ensure that your campaigns fall within your budget.

An excellent way to keep your cost down is to target high-quality leads. Through this, you will send fewer packages and boost your chances of getting a response.

3D will not only create intrigue but will also stand out from the rest. Remember that an average recipient may be receiving a stack of mail every day, mostly marketing mailers.

4. Consider Adding Something Practical

You can actually add something practical in your mailer. For instance, you can include a pen decorated with your brand to your mailer. The pen will remind your recipients of your brand any time they’re using it. They’ll also associate your company with something practical that serves a legitimate purpose. 

Not just pens. You can buy rulers, flash drives and other seasonal gifts. These things will cost you less when you buy in bulk.

These gifts will not only boost your brand awareness but also provide a 3D structure that will make recipients more attentive to your letter.

5. Consider Adding Samples

Giving free samples to potential customers is not a new thing, but it remains highly impactful especially when an individual receives their dream gift in the mail.

While people value any free sample, they will still judge it. Offer samples that have the same size and quality as the product itself. Also, provide enough samples to allow recipients to do the testing properly.

Be careful when mailing the recipients. The packaging should be robust and branded, just like your primary products.

6. Consider Adding Something Interactive

Interactivity draws people in. It makes them get involved in your marketing campaign and it boosts your chances of getting a response. It’s often as simple as including a QR code that gives customers access to a special discount or offer online.

Interactive direct mail techniques are an excellent way to combine both online and offline advertising while offering a way to monitor and track results of your campaign.


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