5 Creative Direct Mail Campaign Ideas To Attract Consumers

Attract more consumers to your brand with the following creative direct mail campaign ideas. It will help you get more business.
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Marketing teams launch direct mail campaigns to promote products or services, support other campaigns and advertise upcoming sales. These campaigns consist of newsletters, postcards, magazines, and brochures. Marketers conduct target audience research to build effective mailing lists as well. While direct mail campaigns take a substantial amount of work, they drive great results for brands. As long as you create materials that stand out from other companies, your direct mail campaigns can achieve high response rates similar to your digital campaigns. Attract more consumers to your brand with the following creative direct mail campaign ideas.

Send Postcards With Scratch-Offs

One of the most unique direct mail campaign ideas is to send postcards with scratch-offs on them. You can include scratch-offs that reveal a variety of offers. Provide your target audience with discount codes to use on your online store. Persuade consumers to visit your brick-and-mortar location with a 30% off, in-store coupon. Once you determine the best offers to include, find the perfect scratch-off area option. The best choices include gold circles, silver rectangles and holographic squares. However, you can also opt for a zebra design scratch-off if it matches your brand image. Choose the best scratch-off design to create an exciting direct mail campaign material.

Create 3D Pop-Up Materials

Marketing brands also attract more consumers through 3D pop-up materials. These items appear to be normal upon delivery. They ship flat so that consumers are truly surprised when they open mail. Once a recipient opens your letter, a 3D object pops up. Consider using this method for a variety of advertising materials. Try creating a 3D pop-up postcard that reveals an attractive, limited-time offer. Showcase an upcoming sale in your weekly magazine with a pop-up. Compared to a digital newsletter, a pop-up message stating your social media handles will make an impression. Whichever way you use this idea, you will surprise your target audience. In turn, consumers will remember your brand. Increase your customer base and brand recognition with this unique direct mail marketing idea.

Include Air Fresheners In Letters

Additionally, include air fresheners in your direct mail letters. These marketing materials especially work well for marketing teams on a tight budget. You can purchase custom air fresheners for a low cost. Add your brand logo and/or a company image to your air fresheners. Furthermore, take your time choosing a scent. You want the scent to remind consumers of your brand. Flower shops select lilac-scented air fresheners to persuade consumers to purchase sweet-smelling plants. Car dealerships opt for new-car-scented ones to convince consumers to buy new vehicles. Design an air freshener that consumers will want to hang from their cars’ rear view mirrors. That way, you can attract more customers through your next direct mail campaign.

Use Oversized Envelopes

Consider using oversized envelopes in your direct mail campaigns as well. You can fit more content into your marketing materials when you use larger envelopes. Rather than just offering a quick bit about your upcoming sale, list specific products that will be included in the deal. Use the extra room to add a high-quality image of your products and/or services. These extra pieces of information will convince viewers to visit your store. More so, oversized envelopes attract more attention. Compared to regular-sized 5×7 envelopes from Envelope Superstore, purchase large and colorful materials that stand out in the mail.

Add Video To Mailers

Furthermore, add video to your mailers to stand out from other brands. Start out by filming a video that either promotes products or advertises your next big sale. Add humor to your video to make consumers laugh. You can also intrigue consumers by showing them how your products can be used. After you create a promotional video, embed screens into your mailers. With a video book mailer, you can have your videos play right when the recipient opens your mail. Another option is to include a button for consumers to press to play the video. Whichever option you choose, this direct mail marketing campaign idea will attract more consumers to your brand.

In order to achieve your marketing goals through direct mail campaigns, you need to get creative. Consider sending postcards with scratch-offs on them to improve your campaign. Add 3D pop-ups to newsletters, magazines and postcards as well. Moreover, include air fresheners in your letters to increase your brand recognition. Oversized envelopes also stand out in consumers’ mailboxes, making them great materials for direct mail campaigns. Finally, businesses with large marketing budgets succeed with interactive video mailers. Use these creative direct mail campaign ideas to attract consumers to your brand.

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