6 Ways to Increase Your Blog Post Views

You’ve taken our previous recommendations about starting and maintaining a company blog. Congratulations! You’re on your way to helping your company website increase readership and search results status.  However, how can you increase the number of views that each and every blog post receives, even after it has been posted for some time?

Simply writing a new blog post on a frequent and regular basis may not be enough to increase total readership.  Here are a few ways you can assure that your blog posts get read again and again, even after posts have been archived.

1. Link to Previous Posts

When you come up with new content, it is likely you will reference a topic that was posted on a previous blog article.  Improve your page views, as well as your SEO efforts, by interlinking your blog posts.  This will encourage readers to click and view an older post, and you get more total views on an old article.

2. Acquire Subscribers

Be sure you publish frequently and regularly. This encourages your readers to join your RSS feed so they are notified each and every time you have another helpful or useful article to read.

3. Assign and Organize Tags and Categories

Be sure you organize your blog posts with keyword tags and categories. Many existing blogging software providers like WordPress and Blogger allow you to do this. Use only a choice number of categories, but be liberal with your tags. This will help readers get more information on a specific subject that interests them.

4. Encourage Comments

Always encourage comments. This stimulates conversation and debate, and gets readers back again and again to read what else has been posted on a specific subject or blog post.

5. Enable Sharing

Incorporate sharing icons such as Facebook’s ‘Like’ button or a ‘Tweet’ button from Twitter. Allowing people to share or discuss your blog via social media outlets increases your chances of reaching a larger audience and gaining more readers.

6. Highlight Specific Blog Posts

Sometimes you post a blog article that gets a lot of attention. It is read hundreds of times, and the comments continue to accumulate, even months after it has posted. Be sure you highlight these types of popular blog posts so new readers, and even previous readers, can read the updates. Consider having a “most read” or “most commented” section on your blog main page so your readers can easily link to these popular posts.

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