What You Should Know About Accounts Payable Software

Accounts payable software enables you to create reports, send reminders to customers, and send invoices. Get paid faster and improve cash-flow every month.
accounts payable software

Managing your business is much easier if you are using the appropriate software for accounting. The program that you use should send the right information to the right place. You need to find a program that will do everything you need done, and you can adjust the program at any time to work with your business. Read more to learn how accounts payable software will improve your business, increase profits, and streamline your workflow.

Make Sure Accounts Payable Software Is Compatible With Your Accounting Program

Accounts payable software compatible with Quickbooks makes it easier for you to manage your business. You must use a compatible program that will send the proper information to the right places. You can easily review your ledger when using these programs, and you can automate your accounting.

What Will You Automate?

You can automate all the information that is sent to NetSuite and QuickBooks. You can automate all the invoices that are sent to your customers. You can automate the reminders that are sent to your customers, and you can automate payments online. The accounts payable software should create an online portal that helps customers make payments. You can track the payments that were received, and you can review every payment in a few moments.

Software Reduces Errors

Software reduces errors that may be made by people in the office. It is hard for your employees to write out every invoice. Plus, your employees may offer the wrong quotes to your customers. You do not want your staff to be responsible for these errors, and you can use software to remove all errors from payments and invoices.

The program also prevents errors that occur after partial payment is made. If your customers make a partial payment to the company, their total amount due is reduced. However, you may not note that new amount on the invoice. The accounts payable software will change the total amount due on the invoice, and the program can create a new invoice that is sent to the customer.


You can relate reports using the information that is in the system. You can check all the payments that were made that week. You may check the partial payments made, or you can read through all delinquent accounts. Anyone in your office can print these reports, and each manager can print a custom report that helps them manage their division of the company.

Reports help you understand how much your customers are paying, how much cash flow you have, and how long your customers have gone without paying. You need to know where your business is going, and you can determine if your collection activities are working.

Reminders and Alerts

When you align your accounts payable software with accounting programs like QuickBooks and NetSuite, you must make sure that alerts are sent to you and the customer. You need to know when a payment is made. Your customers must receive reminders that help them make payments. Plus, you should send special reminders via email, text, or phone to customers who need them.

If you have created a payment arrangement with your customers, you need to send them reminders that are specific to that arrangement. Plus, your reminders can give your customers specific information about how to make their payments. Reminders and alerts can be sent to your workstation, and you can reach out to customers who are not paying.

The Online Portal

The online portal created by your accounts payable software helps customers make payments in one click. Send the link to the portal in an email or text. The customer will click on the link, make a payment in the secure portal, and you will get a notification that the payment was made. That payment is noted in your accounts instantly, and you can check the ledger in realtime to see how that changes your cash flow.

Accounts Payable Software

The accounts payable software that you use for your business must be compatible with your accounting program. You can use these programs to create reports, send reminders to customers, and send invoices. The accounts payable system creates an online portal, and it helps you take payments without any trouble. Your customers can pay you quickly, and your company can improve cash flow every month.

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